Template For Making A Family Tree

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Template For Making A Family Tree – Are you looking for a beautiful family tree model for a craft or school project, to display in your home or to share with family? A blank, printable family tree can be used for all these purposes and more. The trick is to find one that suits your needs, so we’ve created four unique (and free) family tree options that you can easily print.

Below you will find pictures of all tree models. To use one in your project, simply click on the tree (or the link below the image) to open a larger PDF version that you can download or print. The trees are designed to print on standard 8.5×11 office paper at the correct resolution, so please do not print the image on this page or your tree may be blurry. Use the PDF provided.

Template For Making A Family Tree

Template For Making A Family Tree

Imagine adding your family tree to a simple website and instantly discovering hundreds of new family histories

Family Tree Sample Blank

MyHeritage offers 2 weeks of free access to its extensive collection of 18 billion historical records, as well as its associated technology that instantly connects you to new information about your ancestors. Sign up at the link below to find out what you can find out about your family.

All of our tree models include space for four or five generations: children or parents at the bottom, then grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-grandparents at the top or next. If you are using one of these for a child’s school project, you can easily write the child’s name if there is no space at the top or bottom of the page.

The first is a family tree chart with a basic black and white layout for easy printing. This printable would be a great starting point for children or teens who want to learn more about their family tree, or as a fun project to work on with parents or grandparents. Even better, the simplicity of this family tree makes it useful in so many ways, from scrapbooking to simply organizing your genealogy research.

Click here for a print-ready PDF of this family tree. Printing the image above may result in a blurry tree on normal size paper, so use the high quality PDF provided.

Free Bright Family Tree Template In Google Docs

Next up is a printable family tree that features a bit more color and texture, plus plenty of room to fill in your ancestors’ names and leave room for some extra details like birth dates.

This family tree would make a great addition to any scrapbook or as a reference point for family reunions or other gatherings; You can even frame it and hang it on the wall. Use the blank banner at the base of the tree to include any tags or additional information you want to include in your family tree.

This next printable genealogy template is for the children or grandchildren in your life. With bright colors and plenty of space in each box, little ones will have no problem filling each box with special people from their family tree.

Template For Making A Family Tree

This printable would be a great activity for kids of any age or really anyone who likes a little whimsy in their life. Use it for a fun weekly activity with the grandkids, as a homeschool worksheet, for an assigned school project, or even as a handout for a group.

These 5 Sites Let You Map A Family Tree For Free

Get two weeks of free access to over 18 billion genealogical records right now. You also get access to MyHeritage’s discovery tool that automatically detects information about your ancestors when you upload or create a tree. What will you discover about your family’s past?

Finally, the most decorative of the free family tree templates. If you are looking for a blank family tree to complete, frame and display in your home, this printable would be a great choice. It would be great to include in a scrapbook or cover, frame and give as a special gift to a child, sibling or parent.

The blank oval spaces can easily accommodate the names of your ancestors and other important details. Feeling really creative? You can even use the oval spaces as small frames to include pictures of your family members.

Thanks to Kate Jackson, Family History Daily Associate Editor and Pinterest Manager for creating these beautiful templates.

Family Tree Illustration Template Design Vector Stock Vector Image & Art

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Template For Making A Family Tree

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