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Template Google Docs – Would you like to save some money on getting Google Docs designer templates? Many people choose to order templates from professional designers. However, you can get the same quality templates for free using the respective websites. In this article, we will share the 70 best free Google Docs templates. You can edit and customize each of them using Google Docs. ready? So let’s get started!

Check out this free summer camp plan template in Google Docs. It is designed in different shades of blue, orange and white. The template is intuitive and easy to understand, but a little modification never hurt anyone.

Template Google Docs

Template Google Docs

Find another free meeting agenda template below. This time it is designed in a green and white color that looks fresh and unobtrusive. In the upper right corner you can add your company name, address and meeting name.

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Are you applying for a job in marketing or PR? Pay attention to this free marketing resume template with a minimalist design. It is designed in blue, white and a little green, the text is black. There is also space for your photo and contact information.

She said yes! Check out this free newspaper wedding program template in a light design. It is produced in white, light beige and gray colors. Of course there is also a place for your picture and an explanation of what you are up to.

Okay, time to reminisce about our school days. Consider using this free school newspaper template in a clear but restrained design. A big advantage of this template is the number of images that can be easily changed. Of course, you can also edit and customize the template.

Here is a free service invoice template in bright colors. It is produced in white, orange and aquamarine colors, the text is black. Write the company name at the top of the invoice and think about the placement of the logo.

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Just take a look at this beautiful Airbnb welcome book template in Google Docs. It is produced in dark emerald, ocher and white, the text is in black and ocher. The image takes up almost the entire space, but you can also insert the address, important details and contact information.

How about this free Google Docs movie night invitation template? It is designed in black, red and white. The pattern shows a packet of popcorn and two movie tickets.

Below is a free brown mind book template in Google Docs. Made in light pink, beige and white, it also includes a couple of tables and a diagram. Don’t forget that you can easily edit and customize the template in minutes using Google Docs.

Template Google Docs

Are you already preparing something for Christmas? Consider using this free Christmas newsletter template in Google Docs. It is produced in saturated red, black and white, so the pattern easily attracts attention. He will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Writing a company newsletter is no cakewalk, is it? But when it comes to design, everything becomes even more complicated. This formula can change the situation. The combination of orange and black looks elegant enough to impress the addressee of such a letter.

Want to let people know about your excellent IT services? This catalog template will show everyone that you are the best. The clear structure of each page makes it easy to include a variety of information that may be of interest to your target audience.

To create an impressive business proposal, you need two things: a good idea and a great plan. Getting an awesome business proposal template is half the battle. How do you like the one below? Its urban style will surely appeal to your potential investors.

The menthol color of this resume template makes it stand out. If you want to make your resume memorable, this is the way to go. Showcase your skills and knowledge with a creative template. Your dream job is just a few clicks away!

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Check out this free modern hand drawn resume template in Google Docs. It looks quite unusual because it is made in black, orange and white. This resume template makes it easy to showcase your strengths and values. As always, don’t forget that you can choose Google Docs to edit and customize the template.

Here you can find a free accounting company/department organization chart template. It is produced in light pastel colors including pale green and yellow. This template basically shows an organizational chart that looks like an algorithm. You can edit and customize it using Google Docs.

Are you preparing a great health conference? Do you want to effectively promote your event? Here is a brochure with an attractive blue and green design. With it, you will all make sure that your conference is worth attending.

Template Google Docs

This free sales tax invoice template is made in the most minimalist design. It is designed in black and white with one blue line. Some of the text messages are green and this makes the template look a bit more interesting. Don’t forget to edit the template and enter all the necessary information and contact details.

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This free restaurant menu template looks amazing but quite limited. It is designed in simple colors like white, red and green. If you are looking for a relevant template for an Italian restaurant, consider using this one.

This free car rental receipt template is designed in white, light blue and turquoise colors. This style and color combination will suit any type of company. Don’t forget that you can edit and customize the template in minutes.

This is a free simple brochure template in Google Docs. It is produced in only three colors: gray, white and red. There is only one image that can be replaced with your own image. Of course, you can edit and customize this template using Google Docs.

Check out this free monthly construction financing tracking template now. It is produced in black, white and blue, so the design is minimalistic. Such a pattern is intuitive, so you will enjoy using it. Also remember that there is always an opportunity to make some adjustments.

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Here you can find a free event calendar template for 2021. It is made in white, pink and light green. The texts are black, so the information is understandable and easy to read. Remember that you can easily edit and modify this pattern using Photoshop.

Below is a free nonprofit program budget template. Such templates should remain restrained and minimalistic. We are 100% sure that this piece will be useful for you and your project or organization. It’s only available in black, white and light blue, but you can customize the design using Google Docs.

Here is a free Google Docs business card template in a minimalist design. Although produced mostly in black only, the wording is in gold to give the card a luxurious and sophisticated feel. You can also edit the plan using Google Docs. It will help you achieve the perfect look you’re after.

Template Google Docs

Here, we’ve put together a free checklist template of possible accounting strategies. It is made only in black and white, so the pattern is discreet and minimalistic. It has a clear structure and an adjustable layout, so feel free to modify it.

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A dancer’s business card should be as creative as the movement he makes on the dance floor. This one has a mysterious dark background with a beautiful woman in a white dress. You will have enough space to write your contact information.

Okay, now pay attention to this free business project management desk calendar template. It is produced in pale blue, gray and white. The design is as minimalistic as possible, so you can be creative when editing this piece.

The end of autumn is the best time to make a plan for the coming year. The free 2021 monthly calendar is made in pale green, white and pink. The text is in black and burgundy. Of course, you can change some details by editing the template.

Every nonprofit needs to get the right budget templates. It is your job to follow the rules and publish all the details of your earnings and results. This free nonprofit program budget template is sure to come in handy.

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When one receives a training certificate, it is a very special moment. We all want to be recognized for our efforts, right? Crafted in blue, this template has a sleek and modern design, making it perfect for presenting to those who have just completed a course.

Here we have put together a free restaurant note card template in Google Docs. It has a simple and restrained design, as it is made only in black, white and brown. Of course, you can choose the help of Google Docs to edit and customize the template.

Trifold brochures can help you get more clients because they are easy to read. To present the information in the best possible way, consider using the following template. It is produced in white, light gray and light orange.

Template Google Docs

Are you looking for a relevant school desk calendar? Look at this one: it’s made in a simple design and the usual colors like this one

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