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Wednesday, September 14th 2022. | Sample Templates

Templates For Ibooks Author – We said the first day the iPad was available that it would literally change the world, not just in the way we interact with computers in the future, but in the way we interact with the world. Two years (only two?) proved us right. The iPad has changed the way we get information, are entertained and do almost everything. Many people no longer care about newspapers or magazines. Some don’t use laptops like they used to. Why bother when you can get news, read magazines and surf the Web on an iPad? With the ease of use of the iPad, the device itself has become almost invisible. Users are now focused on tasks rather than hardware. Isn’t that how it should be?

The iPad has always been able to display EPUB and PDF files in a book-like manner. With the ability to automatically reflow text based on screen size and orientation, everyone understands the iPad’s potential for electronic publishing. However, the missing piece for truly egalitarian iPad e-publishing is the ability to do all the cool stuff (embed video, slideshows, audio, etc) available in custom iPad apps without having to hire a programmer to do this. Where is “PageMaker” for iPad? Adobe released something in 2011 that allowed those willing to shell out serious cash to publish on the iPad, as long as you already had the Adobe Creative Suite. As great as the tool is, the pricing method is unrealistic for small publishers, i.e. people who want to share their ideas/knowledge in something other than a blog or website.

Templates For Ibooks Author

Templates For Ibooks Author

In early 2012, Apple announced that they would provide a way for anyone to publish interactive textbooks for the iPad. The news rocked the publishing world. We are of course referring to the iBooks Author application. All players, big or small, are trying to better understand the impact of these free programs on their business.

Ibooks Author 2.2 Dmg

As expected, the iBooks Author software is very easy to use. No programming skills are required to create iPad-specific touch-friendly apps. We were able to convert our Thousand Character Reference app to an iBook in less than a day. Not everything has been transferred perfectly, but it’s close enough that we can see the huge potential iBooks Author has for those interested in self-publishing for the eBook market.

After using iBooks Author for a few weeks, we realized that the thing that takes most of the time is creating and placing templates for different types of books. No matter how easy it is to create a template, creating a good looking template can still be difficult. Apple’s six default templates are a good starting point, but it’s easier if we have a wider selection.

A few months after iBooks Author was announced, resources for iBooks templates started popping up. Two of our favorites are BookPalette from Jumsoft and iBooks Author Template from Macmanus.

Jumsoft’s Book Palette is a set of twenty templates designed specifically for use with Apple’s iBooks Author app. The set costs $9.99 and can be downloaded directly from the App Store. In the set are templates for e-books, business publications, and even cookbooks. All page templates (titles, chapters, sections, text) can be easily modified to meet specific needs.

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The Macmanus collection is larger (50 templates) and cheaper ($4.99). Some themes are fun and playful while others are better suited for business or technical topics.

However, one thing to note with the templates from Macmanus is that some of them have images on the “chapter” and “section” pages. To use it, you need to replace the stock image with a different image for each new chapter and section.

Using pre-made templates for iBooks authoring is a no-brainer. The cost is nominal and the time savings can be significant. They allow self-publishers to focus on content rather than the creative and mechanical aspects of layout and design. Check them out, use them and publish something interesting. You won’t believe how easy it is with iBooks Author! Yesterday we talked about the templates available for iBooks Author. Today, we’ll look at another source for templates. Like website templates, iBooks templates are formatting instructions that tell iBooks Authors how to lay out specific pages for anyone interested in creating an iBook. We mention Jamsoft and Macmanus as good sources. Another great resource is Graphic Node. They call them “themes” but they are templates like any other. However, for $17, you get a collection of 100 different layouts (pg1,  pg2,  pg3,  pg4,  pg5,  pg6). Those not ready to part with $17 can try some for free here.

Templates For Ibooks Author

Each template from Graphic Node is created with a theme in mind (Baking, DIY Home Decor, Love Poems, Travel Memoirs, etc). Template layouts indicate what authors might find consistent or useful based on a particular theme.

Gn Food Books For Ibooks Author

Unlike templates for websites, iBooks templates from different sources can be mixed and matched to create new combinations. Of course, not every layout combination will work, by design. However, the bigger your collection of templates, the more inspiration you’ll have, and (probably) the easier it will be to assemble something that will work visually. Tomorrow, we’ll show the mechanics of how to combine elements from different templates into a single template. Of course, how to achieve a visually dense, thematically consistent and/or aesthetically appealing design is left as an exercise for the reader 🙂 Today, during their educational press event, Apple announced the availability of the iBooks Author App that allows users to create Interactive iBooks on their Mac.

Now anyone can create amazing iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books and more for the iPad. All you need is an idea and a Mac. Start with one of Apple’s designed templates that feature a variety of page layouts. Add your own text and images easily with drag and drop. Use Multi-Touch widgets to include interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects and more. Preview your book on your iPad anytime. Then submit your finished work to the iBookstore in a few easy steps. And before you know it, you’re a published author.

The app lets you start with a few templates and then customize your book with images, videos, multi-touch widgets and even Keynote presentations. You can then preview your book on your iPad and then submit it to the iBookstore for sale or free download.

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Best Premium Ibook Author Templates

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Templates For Ibooks Author

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Brand Book For Ipad

For most people, e-books are simply digital versions of printed books, consisting only of text and the occasional image. Textbooks and other nonfiction literature rely heavily on diagrams, pictures, and other descriptive elements. Unfortunately, space constraints mean authors have to be careful about how many of these graphic elements they can physically fit into a book.

To help move this type of book into the 21st century, Apple released iBooks Author, a free app that we can use to build truly interactive books. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a fully interactive book that uses many of iBooks Author’s features, from image galleries to scrolling elements.

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