Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

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Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance – Texas residents can face criminal charges for possession of a controlled substance. Even if you don’t intend to sell or distribute drugs, authorities can arrest you for drug possession. Your future is uncertain as you wait to see how this event will affect your freedom. Here is a brief overview of drug crimes in Texas and steps you can take to make your future as bright as possible.

Texas currently has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. The Texas Narcotics Control Act identifies four classes of drugs, each with specific penalties. Apparently, Criminal penalties depend on the type and amount of controlled substance in your possession. A prosecutor may face additional penalties if he turns the property over to another party or has minor involvement.

Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

Under Texas law, controlled substances fall into one of four categories. The fourth penalty group is the lowest level of the classification, combining many drugs with potential for abuse and addiction. If you have a fourth-degree felony of less than 28 grams (no valid prescription), you can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor and up to six months in jail or a $2,000 fine. The highest level of classification applies to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Possession of even a small amount (less than one gram) is punishable by up to 2 years in prison and a fine of up to 10,000 Kyats.

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Drug possession convictions in Pearland or Brazoria County within hours of an arrest are overwhelming. Before you lose hope, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your situation and find out more about what to expect in the coming weeks and months. You don’t have to go through this difficult experience alone; Remember that your attorney will answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you face the challenges ahead. Give us the details of your case and together we can work towards the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one is facing drug possession charges in Pearland or Brazoria County, make an appointment today with Keith G. Allen, Call the PLLC Law Office at (832) 230-0075. Free with a lawyer. Drug possession is a serious crime in Texas, so the penalties for possession of a controlled substance can be severe. Penalties under state law (Texas Rules of Procedure, Health and Safety Code, and Texas Penal Code) and arrests for possession of controlled substances can carry severe penalties. So what are the penalties for drug possession in Texas? The short answer is that they vary widely, with the two most important factors being the classification of a particular item and the amount of the item someone is alleged to possess.

Texas law classifies controlled substances into one of four penalty groups. Penalty groups are numbered from 1 to 4. In general, The severity of the substance and the criminal charges begin in the first penalty group and continue to the fourth penalty group, decreasing in severity as the penalty group increases. However, every allegation is unique. Therefore, no matter which punishment group falls under the control, The consequences will be severe.

Another important factor relates to the weight of controlled objects. by weight Regardless of which group the controlled item falls under, the problem is the same. Texas law sets the level of crime based on the amount of the controlled substance. As you can guess, The severity of the offense depends on the weight of the controlled substance.

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Here our Galveston drug possession defense attorney provides a summary of Texas possession penalties.

The drugs included in the first penalty group are the most heavily controlled in Texas. Importantly, This group includes the most dangerous and addictive substances. Some practical examples of drugs included in the first penalty group are:

In Texas, Penalty Group 2 is slightly more dangerous than Penalty Group 1. This group is made up of several drugs that are usually concentrated.

Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

A third group of penalties includes many controlled substances that have depressant or stimulant effects. Examples of this grouping include

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Finally, A fourth penalty group is made up of other comprehensive prescription drugs with potential for abuse. For example, many derivatives of opium covered by the first penalty group are included in this group.

For various reasons, marijuana is classified as a separate category in addition to the four groups of penalties mentioned above. Generally, in Texas, possession of even a small amount of marijuana will be charged as a misdemeanor. Keep in mind that Texas is strict when it comes to possession of marijuana. Unlike the trends set by other states in legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana, Texas has yet to follow suit. Unlike many other jurisdictions, Prosecutors continue to file felony drug possession charges for marijuana in Texas.

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Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

A conviction for possession of a controlled substance in Texas carries stiff fines. You will face jail time and a six-month mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. But what are the controlled substances and what types of fines could you face?

Penalties Associated With Texas Drug Possession Charges

Controlled substances, also known as CDS, have a high potential for abuse and can lead to extreme physical or psychological dependence. Although highly addictive and dangerous, tobacco and alcohol are not regulated in Texas. Marijuana has its own categories and penalties.

Divided into the following four categories, items in the first penalty group have the heaviest penalties, while items in the fourth penalty group have the mildest penalties. However, please note that possession of the following drugs is considered an offense and punishable by imprisonment.

Penalties for possession of a controlled substance in Texas vary depending on the amount of drug you have and the penalties available.

For example, Possession of less than two ounces of marijuana is punishable by up to six months in prison, but possession of more than two ounces carries a much greater penalty. Because that amount can be interpreted as an intention to transfer possession.

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Imprisonment can be imposed from six months to life imprisonment and a fine of up to 100,000 kyats can be imposed. However, possession of LSD or other hallucinogens carries a maximum penalty of $250,000.

Possession of less than 28 grams can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor. However, exceeding 28 grams will result in a felony charge. Excessive possession can result in life imprisonment and a fine of up to 50,000 kyats.

Simply put, Texas recognizes a controlled substance or drug as the “possession, custody, control, or control” of a controlled substance or drug. to be convicted of possession; The prosecutor must show you:

Texas Possession Of Controlled Substance

In general, Under Texas law, prosecutors must prove you intentionally possessed a prohibited substance. In some cases, proof of possession is enough to secure your conviction. but if

Galveston Criminal Attorney Discusses Possession Of A Controlled Substance And Due Process

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