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Therapy Schedule Template – Are you a first-time SLP therapist? Or have you been doing it for years and need a new way to control the craziness? Does the thought of a new schedule this year bring you to tears? Then you are in the right place! Here I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve come up with to make scheduling not only easier, but more beneficial for students, you, and the teacher.

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Therapy Schedule Template

Therapy Schedule Template

During my first two years at the school, my schedule was very tight. I always feel guilty for not giving each teacher the best time, for not creating the most cohesive group, or for constantly changing it based on new students and new referrals.

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Now I want to tell you that I have a solution to all these problems and I will not stress about them anymore. But the truth is, I’m not. There is no one way to please everyone or have the perfect combination of treatments; However, I have a few tricks that I have learned along the way that make it easier and less stressful. And guess what? I really look forward to posting my annual schedule! Maybe it’s a bit strange, but I don’t agree. To me, it’s like putting a puzzle together and it’s faster by putting all the little pieces together.

I should start this off with some information about where my school is located because I know they are a little different. I work full time in a large elementary school with a full time Self Learning Program (SLP). Not only do we share the number of cases, we also share treatment facilities. While I know this may not work for everyone, we used it to our advantage. Because our school is so large, we could never break up the class load (due to the large school schedule and the number of students in each class) so we always had a few students in each class, K- 5. Once we started sharing a room, we also started preparing together to accommodate several students from the same class at the same time. This prevents teachers from having to spend multiple hours talking in class and helps us engage students more effectively.

Mrs A and Mrs B, both Year 3 ESE Introductory teachers have the same daily schedule and are heavy language and/or speech learners in each of their classes.

With this schedule, Mrs. A and Mrs. B each have a time to speak (9:30) where all students can speak. Half arrive on Monday/Tuesday and the other half on Thursday/Friday. It’s very easy for teachers and students to remember + fewer distractions and distractions. And we come to a group of students based on the goal of two different groups with only language and two different groups with only language. Making medical care easier.

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The first step (after you get the case list and teacher/class list) in this process is to get the school schedule. If your school doesn’t have a beautiful older teacher of color, that’s fine (there aren’t always teachers either). Collect yours in a few easy steps.

* For these schedules, email the class leader the general schedule that most of them follow. (Some grades may have two different schedules based on location/teaching team/etc or there may be a different teacher, but the class chair usually has this information).

Acquiring a master’s degree teacher’s schedule is essential in this process. Not only does it give teachers a say in their day, but it also allows you to easily bring children from different classes together. This also puts accountability on them while taking the pressure off you. For example, if there is a problem with the schedule at the end of the year (the child says he can’t do math, the teacher says the time is wrong, etc.), you have documentation that you used the schedule they gave you and you didn’t. t. I just don’t pick a time. Now of course things change and compromises have to be made, but I’ve noticed that this has helped me stick to my planned schedule with fewer changes required.

Therapy Schedule Template

Once I have the master schedule of all the schools and classes, I make the best schedule for each class. These are times requested by teachers/levels to share their schedules, times before/after transitions to minimize learning interruptions, or the only times available to prevent major lesson breaks or breaks. must be done. These factors are essential in planning a school’s SLP.

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This master schedule has become a staple in our school as I share it with the MTSS team and other practitioners so that teachers have fewer interruptions to valuable instructional time. Win – win – win!

Need a place to start? I’ve got you covered! Click here to access our free resource library and download our fully editable weekly schedule. The Smart Learning Program (SLP) schedule at school doesn’t have to be stressful anymore!

I like to keep my speech therapy schedule in my Google Drive so I can easily update it if needed (we all know how often schedules change)! I keep a hard copy (one per week) to keep track of attendance and workload. We have to report our student roster twice a year to get funding, so it’s easy for me to see exactly who was on my schedule that week at school. It is especially important at the beginning of the year to check the list because it can be difficult to remember it long ago. We usually have so many new additions during this time of year that it can be difficult to keep track of who was hired and when.

As you can see from my sample table, I have many different types and sizes. It is important to consider the different service delivery models that you will use for your goods. I usually have several groups watch twice a week for 30 minutes each. That makes up most of my schedule. But I also see kids in the “5-Minute Baby” reaction pattern every day. I have some units that are 3 or 4 days apart due to frequent service needs. Some of my students only see each other once a week (for example, in fluency group or social skills group). I am also transferring to a full time ESE class.

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One of my strategies to make this process a little easier to incorporate all the different models is to schedule the students in full-time classrooms (which usually have more services) early so that he can work with the faculty and work with our schedule (he usually sees drop-out students as well as full-time students). I blocked their time first. Then I set up my observation group (eg students with apraxia or severe speech delay) 3-4 times a week so that they have the same amount of time throughout the week. Then I organize everyone who leaves once a week for the last time because it’s easier to get into open positions.

Here is an example of a sample treatment schedule. I’ve also included a link to a free treatment schedule template from our free resource library.

I don’t think I can stress enough how important it is to work with and work with your teacher to plan your speech therapy schedule. Most teachers I know are very protective of their teaching time (as they should be). Working with them, getting their input, and respecting their time and ideas will get you more than just building walls and boundaries. They (like the rest of us) have a lot on their plate. We need to be there to support them and their (our) students so that we can work together.

Therapy Schedule Template

Here are some ways you can share your lesson plan with your teacher, and I usually do a combination of the two:

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I’d like to share a high level google ad with teachers to make it a little easier to plan their grade levels so they can see how many students in their class have speech services – to support why it’s hard to change later . The google doc includes the time(s) and day and lists the students (names only) who came at that time, sorted by class. Since the two SLPs in the school share all of their rooms, this gives teachers one place to see all of their students and their time, even if they are seen by different therapists.

I also make a printed list for each teacher to post in the classroom.

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