Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

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Triple Net Lease Agreement Example – A Triple Net Commercial Lease (NNN) is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that pays for all three (3) “nets”, property insurance, property taxes and Common Area Maintenance (CAM). These costs are usually estimated for the year and are included in the rent monthly. At the end of the year, if the costs were lower, the tenant would receive a refund, and if they were higher, the tenant owed the difference. Tenants often request that the Triple Net Amount (NNN) be limited based on the previous year’s expenses.

A triple-net lease (NNN) is a commercial real estate contract in which the lessee is responsible for all expenses related to the property, specifically property insurance, property taxes, and common area maintenance (CAM). In most triple-net (NNN) leases, this also includes all utilities and services used by the tenant. This mainly applies to retail, industrial property and detached buildings.

Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

Common area maintenance, known simply as “CAM” or “CAM’s”, are expenses attributed to the cost of maintaining the property. What is defined as CAM must be specified in the lease and are usually:

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

To protect the tenant, the landlord and tenant often negotiate a cap on NNN expenses. This is a price per square foot ($/SF).

For example, if the tenant is located in a shopping center that leases 10,000 square meters, while their space is only 1,000 square meters, the tenant would be responsible for 10% of the NNN expenses.

Although the tenant pays the triple nets through their monthly rent, the landlord is the one making the payments.

For example, the homeowner will pay directly for property insurance, property taxes and property maintenance costs while being reimbursed through triple netting.

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In addition, the owner is required to make an accounting of all expenses of the property. At the end of the year, if the triple net expenses were lower than expected, the tenant will be reimbursed. If it is higher than the triple net rate, the additional costs will be charged to the tenant.

For the lazy, use the calculator from Austin Tenant Advisors. For those who want to calculate it themselves, use the following formulas:

Example: The price per square foot is $30/SF and the total square footage is 2,000 SF. $30/SF times 2,000 SF is $60,000 per year.

Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

Price per square foot ($/SF) X Total square footage = annual rent ($/year) and ÷ by 12 = monthly rent ($/month)

Florida Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement

Monthly rent ($/month) X of 12 = annual rent ($/year) and ÷ by total square footage = price per square foot ($/SF).

A triple-net lease (NNN) is known as a fixed, long-term arrangement with only minimal rent increases.

Find the sample image on this page. The links presented with it, such as the one immediately above, provide access to the “Adobe PDF”, “MS Word (.docx)” or “OpenDocument” file versions of the displayed document.

This Agreement uses as one of its means of identification the calendar date entered by Tenant and Tenant. This will be the first detail you enter in this documentation. It should occur as the calendar month and day on the first blank line at the top of the page and then record the year as the two-digit calendar year on the second blank line.

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The tenant behind this agreement (also known as the owner, tenant or property manager) must be submitted as part of the introductory statement, which is currently being processed. Your name should appear on the blank line attached to the “Owner” label. Please note that if the owner or owner is a business entity, their full legal name is required here. This includes any suffix assigned as a designation of your status (on the books).

The owner’s “Mailing Address” is the next detail about this entity that is required, and should be reported on the second line after the “Owner” label. This must be a current and reliable address where the owner receives mail.

Now that we’ve made an introduction to the landlord, we need to provide the tenant’s full name on the blank line associated with the bold “tenant” label. This will be the lessee of the contract who intends to use the owner’s premises in exchange for an amount of rent.

Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

We will complete this statement with the postal address of the tenant or tenants. Find the second blank line in the “Tenant” field, then enter the tenant’s permanent email address as content.

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The following statement in this document will give rise to several elements that define the contract that the lessee and the lessee agree to maintain during its duration. Many of these elements need complementary information directly to their content to be applicable to both parties and locations. Since we have already informed the affected parties, we must pay attention to the empty line of the first point (“1. Premises”) with the elaboration of the physical location of the premises. Report this address so it can be physically found and accessed.

After recording the location of the premises, the empty space in the article labeled “2. Rentable space” is required to cover the number of square meters that will be rented as a result of this lease. This should be the total number of square meters rented (as a whole) to the tenant or the exact square footage of the tenant’s tenant in a larger property.

The landlord and tenant must agree on what can be done with the premises while it is rented. The article labeled with “3. The use” tag shows an area where you can enter a description of what the tenant can do on the premises. This should include some details about the tenant’s business, its goals and how it operates.

The fourth article will attempt to identify exactly when this lease begins and when it ends. That is, when the tenant’s rent submission is accepted by the landlord in exchange for the tenant’s right to occupy the premises. This period of time is considered the “Initial Term” and will exist for the number of months you report on the blank line after the phrase “… An initial period of.”

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The final date on which this agreement will enter into force must be notified. Continue with the statement in “4. Initial Term” to the word “…Beginning” and then document the first calendar date on which the effect of this document is expressed with the two lines after this word. After doing this, you must indicate when will be the last calendar date that the tenant can rent the premises So, use the last calendar month and day of this agreement and the corresponding two-digit year to complete this statement by enter this information in the last two spaces.

The next topic of debate is the “Monthly Rent”. Article Five of this lease will bear this title and require you to document the dollar amount that the tenant agrees to pay and the landlord agrees to accept as rent. Enter this content by writing it on the first blank line of this statement and then entering it numerically in the brackets that follow. In addition to this, you must define which day of the month the landlord gets to fulfill this rent. Use the blank space between the words “…paid on the day” and the term “day of each month” to indicate this information.

The fifth article (“5th month rent”) will present two more options. You must select one to apply for this deal. If the rental amount we send you is fixed for the life of this rental agreement without increase, please check the box “It stays the same…”

Triple Net Lease Agreement Example

If the landlord and tenant have agreed a rent amount that more closely reflects their needs and will increase over time, you should check the box next to the words “will increase in the first term…” If this is the case, continue with the next statement, otherwise you should skip to step 11.

What You Need To Know About A Triple Net Lease

In the second option, a short field with three lines “From … to” was included. If the rent is set to increase and you have the second checkbox in “5. Monthly Rent” then you must report when each rent increase occurs and pay the new amount. Each statement contains three pairs of empty lines that expect this content. The first pair blank lines after the word “From” is reserved for the first calendar date of the rent increase, while the next pair of blank lines wait for the last calendar date when that rental period ends. The last few blank lines require you to enter the exact “Monthly Rent” for the period you defined.

The sixth point, entitled “6. Security deposit, ” will serve to define whether the landlord requires a security deposit from the tenant and

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