Types Of Arkansas License Plates

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Types Of Arkansas License Plates – Good drivers deserve better protection. Let Jerry compare the best rates and coverage so you never have to worry about car insurance again.

From state-issued facilities to up to 25 college options, Arkansas has plenty of interesting license plates to ponder, choose from, and admire.

Types Of Arkansas License Plates

Types Of Arkansas License Plates

License plates give a car more than just a set of identifying characters – they also give you the ability to express yourself, improve your community and even serve a practical purpose. Arkansas has five different license plate categories, meaning there is no shortage of options!

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Jerry, a licensed auto insurance super app and super broker, is here to cover all the license plate opportunities available in The Land of Opportunity. We’ll get into what license plates are, some of the best options in the state, and how to get one that’s right for you and your vehicle.

Number plates are metal plates affixed to vehicles for official identification purposes. Arkansas first required residents to register their vehicles and display their license plates in 1911 and they remain a requirement for all passenger cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motorbikes and ATVs.

Arkansas residents are required by law to register their vehicle and display the accompanying license plate – if you drive with an expired license plate or without a license plate affixed to your vehicle, you may be severely punished and fined for violating the state’s registration and tagging laws. Of course there is no point in trying to drive without this important information about the vehicle identification.

If you are new to Arkansas or have recently purchased a new vehicle, you must register it within 30 days. The license plate must be affixed to the rear of the vehicle with a verification sticker showing the expiration date of the registration. Want to know what your options are? Let’s take a look at the license plate offerings at The Natural State.

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The current standard Arkansas license plate depicts a blue and white gradient sky with a diamond graphic in the center of the background. “Arkansas” and “The Natural State” are shown in dark red, centered at the top and bottom of the plate, respectively.

Fun fact the letters U and V haven’t been used on license plates since 1973 – they were reintroduced to Arkansas license plates in 2015.

Any owner of a motor vehicle can apply for a college license plate by filling out an application for special registration plates for higher education (Form 10-320). You must provide proof of membership to obtain a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority or Kappa Alpha PSI Fraternity number plate.

Types Of Arkansas License Plates

Colleges receive $25.00 for each plate issued. See the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) website for a complete list of college-specific schedules.

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To get a disability plate you must declare a permanent disability. Here’s what you’ll need for the license plate distortion process:

You will have to pay a fee to register your vehicle, but there is no additional fee for obtaining a disabled license plate.

There are 23 special military license plates in Arkansas. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the type of plate. Disabled veteran plates are free, and veterans or surviving spouses can purchase additional plates for a fee of $3.89.

The standard “veteran” license plate has been discontinued in favor of a standard passenger plate with a single campaign sticker replacing the “The Natural State” slogan. You can see all the military-specific boards and their requirements on the DFA website.

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To get Arkansas license plates, you just need to register your vehicle through OMV’s AR Revenue Office. You must submit the following information to register your vehicle:

If you wish to renew your registration, you can do so online through the secure Arkansas.gov portal. You will need valid credit card information or electronic check to pay for the renewal fee, plus:

Once you have the latest information on your registration, you are free to choose the Arkansas license plate you want – as long as you qualify!

Types Of Arkansas License Plates

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Arkansas License Plate

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Types Of Arkansas License Plates

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Is the BMW X1 considered an SUV? I bought a new BMW and really liked the X1. Reading the reviews, it seems to be referred to as a type of vehicle. Is it even an SUV? Amber Reed November 11, 2022 The state has done a great job donating to causes with license plates, a shining example of this being the breast cancer awareness plates. The funds from these successes are intended for research and support programs, while bringing them to social awareness.

This plate honors, celebrates or is for first responders. Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky honor fallen heroes; Idaho benefits Boise area fire and safety education; Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, and Virginia are for self-respondents; And Mississippi and Tennessee encourage appreciation for the nurse.

A common optional type is the “In God We Trust” plate. In some countries it is optional at no cost, meaning riders can choose a design for free. Some states (e.g., Florida, Georgia, Tennessee) only apply the slogan to regular plates, while others (e.g., Arkansas, Kansas, Virginia) have unique designs.

Plates issued to people living in tribal areas include the above examples. Please note that Cherokee Nation Oklahoma plates are now available to all riders.

Uss Arkansas Ssn 800 License Plate

Veteran plates in various forms are issued by all states. Sometimes they have a sticker or stickers that indicate what branch of service and/or war was fought.

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The content (including written materials and license plate images) is intended for personal or educational use only. Any use outside these limitations (including any kind of commercial purpose) requires permission. All license plates pictured are property of the author’s collection. Please use the contact option for questions regarding the use of any material on the site. Arkansas first began issuing license plates in 1911. Types of Arkansas license plates include radio amateur, ambulance, antique, split, automobile, boats and campers, frontier city taxi, bus, automobile, church bus, city bus, civil air patrol, civil. Protection, Combination, Dealer, Drive Out, Dealership, Farm, Farm Produce, Farm to Market, Fire Department, Defects, On the Road, Justice of the Peace, Light Delivery Truck, Manufacturer, Mobile Home, Engine, Motorcycle, Resource Truck, New Car Dealerships , School Buses, Search and Rescue, Semi Trailers, Semi Trucks, State Property, Taxis, Trailers, Movers, Trucks, Vanities and Veterans.

Types Of Arkansas License Plates

Make decoding our original, real and authentic old Arkansas license plates easy for you. Arkansas issued double license plates from 1911 to 1933. Single license plates were issued from 1934 to 1938. In 1943, two windshield stickers were issued. From 1944 to the present, Arkansas has issued one license plate.

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We have developed an Arkansas County License Plate Key that will help you decipher the two key factors for Arkansas license plates, namely the county number for license plates used between 1957 and 1967, and the most common alphabetic code indicating the type of vehicle registered. Because the laws vary in each country with respect

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