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Federal agencies signal hydropower contract U.S. military Corps of Engineers ‘); $slider .carouFredSel( auto: false, responsive: real, swipe: onTouch: real, onMouse: false , prev: $‘.pager-left’), next: $wrap.find(‘.pager-right’), scroll: fx: "crossfade", items: 1, onBefore: characteristic (records) $(data.items.ancient[0]).removeClass(‘current’); , onAfter: feature (data) $slider.locate(‘video’).each(characteristic () $(this)[0].participant.pause(); ); $(facts.items.seen[0]).addClass(‘latest’); , onCreate: function (information) $(records.items[0]).addClass(‘latest’); ); ; //init $(‘.slider’).each and every(characteristic () var $slider = $(this); var $slides = $slider.locate(‘.slide’); var $photographs = $‘img’); //avoid FOUC while prepping every thing handleImages($photographs, function () initFred($slider); ); ); )(jQuery); WASHINGTON — The U.S. army Corps of Engineers joined the U.S. department of power and U.S. branch of interior’s Bureau of Reclamation in signing an interagency memorandum of knowing nowadays during a ceremony on country wide Hydropower Day. The agencies conform to collaborate on standard considerations and leverage elements to additional the nation’s hydropower era. Ryan A. Fisher, important Deputy Assistant Secretary of the army (Civil Works); Brenda Burman, Commissioner for the Bureau of Reclamation; and Daniel R. Simmons, Assistant Secretary of power efficiency and Renewable energy, department of energy, signed nowadays’s agreement right through the ceremony held on the Hoover Dam visitor core in Nevada. The businesses, in partnership with the vigor advertising organizations, agree to create an motion plan designed to adapt hydropower to the changing energy landscape. The action plan will center of attention on developing projects and actions the use of facts driven, risk-based determination-making and believe tasks within the areas of asset management, improving the cost of hydropower, group of workers training, water provide reliability, and environmental effects. “This settlement will allow the U.S. military Corps of Engineers through its Civil Works mission to continue its partnership with federal and industry companions as we work together to enhance and manage our nation’s hydropower program,” noted Fisher. additional info is accessible at unencumber no. 20-135 analysis and construction technology transfer AND PARTNERING:
expertise transfer is the procedure in which advantage, facilities, or capabilities developed with the aid of federal laboratories are used to satisfy public and private needs. The purpose of technology switch is to beef up the nation’s economic system by accelerating the software of federal laboratory know-how and supplies to public and personal sector wants and alternatives. as a result of expertise switch, analysis items at the beginning developed to be used by the military are discovering common use all through the private sector.  Their use has resulted in product development, provider efficiencies, enhanced manufacturing methods, and the building of foremost new products to enhance productiveness.  The manufacturing of govt-developed products with the aid of the private sector ensures their availability no longer most effective for public use, however for government procurement as smartly. MECHANISMS
the following mechanisms can be used to allow the Corps to provide tips to U.S. businesses: TECHNICAL information agreement (TAA)
:  provides technical counsel on a nonexclusive groundwork to support U.S. organizations to compete for or function contracts for work outside the U.S. TAAs raise the competitiveness of U.S. corporations overseas by way of making obtainable the technical and scientific advantage and technical substances of the U.S. military Corps of Engineers (USACE) laboratories, districts, and divisions. : offers the authority for private entities operating inside the u.s. to make the most of USACE laboratories for research and building activities. COOPERATIVE research AND building contract (CRADA)       
:  An contract between a federal laboratory and one or greater nonfederal events.   The government, in the course of the laboratory, gives personnel, facilities, equipment, or different components to   the nonfederal parties. Federal laboratories may also be reimbursed by using the nonfederal parties however can not  provide funds to the nonfederal parties. The nonfederal parties can give funds, personnel, amenities, gadget, or different resources to behavior selected analysis and construction.   Rights to  highbrow property are negotiated as a part of the CRADA.  PATENT LICENSE agreement (PLA)
: The switch of less-than-ownership rights in federal intellectual property to a 3rd birthday party, to allow the third birthday celebration to make use of the intellectual property.  PLAs will also be unique or nonexclusive for a particular field of use or geographical enviornment.  Licensees strengthen plans for commercialization of the invention. provides, COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS, AND other TRANSACTIONS
: criminal gadgets beneath which a executive company can carry out definite activities that cannot be greater correctly finished beneath different, extra acceptable agreements. INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION motion
: An settlement initiated by a state or native executive company for assist that is not moderately and expeditiously purchasable through general private-sector business channels.  This suggestions might also most effective be provided with in-condominium government personnel, no contracting is licensed.  part 211 of the Water components building Act constrained USACE to providing counsel most effective the place USACE is uniquely equipped to give the functions.   USACE laboratories are exempt from this restriction. educational PARTNERSHIP agreement
: An agreement under which a protection laboratory works with an educational institution to motivate and boost study in scientific disciplines in any respect tiers of education. cost-SHARED CONTRACT
: a cost-sharing contract wherein the contractor receives no fee and bears one of the most chance of cost overruns via agreeing to pay a predetermined element of its allowable expenses.  appropriate where the contractor is anticipated to receive a major business improvement from efficiency of the contract. test AND comparison settlement
: As DOD laboratories, USACE R&D labs have the authority via 10 USC 2539b to promote, check, and consider features to the states and the inner most sector.  This includes the trying out and assessment of substances, device, models, laptop utility, and other objects for a charge.  as an example, we are able to "employ" our exciting testing amenities and "promote" check comparison and facts analysis functions. in keeping with the U.S. govt’s policy of relying on the private sector, USACE R&D laboratories are prohibited from competing with the inner most sector in proposing examine and evaluation functions.  services with the aid of the USACE labs can be provided on a price reimbursable foundation when these services don’t seem to be fairly and expeditiously accessible in the deepest sector. MEMORANDUM OF contract(MOA)
makes it possible for aid to different federal groups and state, local, territorial or Indian international locations governments in the u.s..  The MOA establishes the framework for a mutual relationship and offers a concise description of the type of information each and every of the parties will give. SMALL enterprise INNOVATION analysis (SBIR) program
Federally funded program to promote small business participation in government courses.  Small corporations will suggest phase One ideas for development with federal funding constrained to $one hundred,000. Federal funding below part Two is limited to $750,000 for further construction of the new technology. The deepest sector absorbs phase Three funding involving business functions of the know-how developed.  The small business associate may achieve title to inventions. UNSOLICITED PROPOSALS
inner most enterprises can also publish proposals at any time.  If the suggestion suits the mission and money are available, general contracting methods will be employed to create a contract. support core preparations
guide military and civilian architects/engineers within the use of items developed by USACE researchers on militia amenities. JOINT PLAN FOR DoD NONCOMBATANT EVACUATION AND REPATRIATION desk of Contents HEADQUARTERS, branch OF THE military
WASHINGTON, D. C. 20310-0300 1. circumstance.
a. regular. See basic Plan.
b. Authority.

(1) The service add-ons have the authority (37 USC 405A) to provide particular allowances for his or her service contributors and family members below a licensed/ordered evacuation from remote places locations. Entitlements for militia eligible members of the family right through an evacuation are described in Joint Federal go back and forth law (JFTR), Vol. 1, Chapter 6.
(2) Federal personnel and their members of the family are also approved (5 USC 5521-5527) pay and particular allowances all the way through a certified/ordered evacuation from distant places area. Joint commute rules (JTR), Vol. 2, Appendix 1(COLA-UJ-1) addresses entitlements for federal employees and their members of the family.
(3) Evacuation of personnel is authorized with out regard to the availability of an appropriation (31 USC 1515). The authority for the accessories to fritter away these cash for an evacuation comes during the issuance of a licensed/ordered departure directive from the Secretary of State, Secretary of defense, or their licensed representatives.

c. Assumptions. See primary plan.
2. MISSION. give fiscal entitlements for DoD civilian personnel and
DoD members of the family starting at the aspect of repatriation or stop stream and ending at the termination of the shelter length. financial allowances consist of, however are not confined to, advance funds (when licensed by sponsor), commute, refuge allowances and subsistence expense allowances to authorized people, and prison claims settlements when approved with the aid of OSD/mother or father firm. three. EXECUTION.
a. idea of Operation.

(1) each and every of the DoD provider add-ons has detailed its permanent trade of station (PCS) account inside their armed forces pay appropriation to fund the fees of its provider contributors’ family members during noncombatant evacuations.
(2) because the DoD executive Agent, the army has a centrally managed allotment (CMA) to fund the fees for eligible DoD civilian personnel and their members of the family in emergencies if the respective parent organizations do not supply fund cites for them.
(3) each federal company is required through legislation to reimburse an extra agency for the evacuation prices (trip and per diem) of their personnel when incurred by using the other agency. If the military’s CMA is used for any non-military personnel, the Secretary of the army (operating agency 22) will are searching for repayment from that non-military company.
(4) DoD households processing during the Repatriation middle will reap preliminary enhance shuttle and per diem funds and advances in opposition t pay (when authorized) from the provider/DFAS representatives. DoD families who were littered with the corresponding cease move order will reap monetary entitlements from personnel on the centralized service/DFAS websites listed in paragraph three. b (5)(d) under. All observe-on funds and final settlements will be made by these special provider/ DFAS websites. Finance personnel at installations/bases, or DFAS operating locations/centers don’t seem to be authorized to make payments to evacuees devoid of prior coordination with the carrier/DFAS supporting websites. they are going to do so only in emergency situations.

b. responsibilities.

(1) The army because the DoD executive Agent, is liable for common counsel for repatriation.
(2) The department of State (DoS) will:

(a) problem a certified/ordered departure message for the evacuation of noncombatants.
(b) organize for transportation to bring noncombatants to protection, no matter if via industrial potential or armed forces transport. A memorandum of agreement between DoS and OSD identifies particular Departmental duties for funding a State/defense evacuation.

(3) The workplace of the fundamental Deputy below Secretary of protection for Personnel and Readiness (PDUSD (P&R)) will give policy guidance on the fiscal allowances for evacuees to the HQDA, G-1 for widespread carrier dissemination. Memoranda offered by way of the PDUSD (P&R) provide authorization for DoD accessories to fritter away funds for the evacuation. (4) DoD element and agency Comptrollers and/or monetary Managers will:

(a) give fund cites for evacuation fees (per diem and transportation) of provider family members and repair/DoD company civilian employees. Fund cites are additionally referenced within the personally launched Entitlements messages and change with the Fiscal year.
(b) deliver name and call number of point(s) of contact to the office of the Assistant Secretary of the military, (economic management and Comptroller) ATTN: SAFM-BUC-E, 109 military Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310 to facilitate repayment of charges for any provider part/DoD agency civilian personnel and/or members of the family when military’s CMA has been used. If the defense element Comptroller fails to supply name, address or cell quantity for his or her point of contact, the military will post billings (SF 1080s) to the Assistant Secretaries (financial management & Comptroller) of the services and the beneath Secretary of defense (Comptroller) for resolution.
(c) deliver monthly incremental can charge reviews to the DFAS-DE/ICCI, 6760 East Irvington region, Denver, Colorado 80279-2000, in line with Chapter 23, volume 12, of the monetary management rules. component Comptrollers will submit an SF 1080 to DFAS-DE/ICCI, with helping documentation, for any volume stated on the charge record requiring charge reimbursement for non-DoD employees or their members of the family. The DoS/DoD cost responsibility Matrix (for NEOs) can be found in Appendix 2, Chapter 23, quantity 12, DoD fiscal management laws and the 24 July 1998 memorandum from USD (Comptroller) identifies revised can charge responsibilities.
(d) supply educated finance fly-away teams to augment the Repatriation middle operation, as required. provider/DoD agency numbers for establishing these teams are:

army: DFAS-Indianapolis, IN
C: (317)510-3301; DSN: 699-; TPS/NEO: 1/800/759-4118
C: (703)693-0205; DSN: 223-
Air drive: Headquarters, Air drive, SAF/FMPC, Pentagon
C: (703)695-0140; DSN: 225-/Closest individual base-
factor of contact 210-652-6357, DSN: 487-3483
Marine Corps: Marine Corp Finance, Kansas city, MO:
C: (816)926-5720; DSN: 465-5720
DoD company civilians (does not include provider civilians)
DFAS-Indianapolis, IN; C: (317) 542-3301; DSN: 699-

(5) The Assistant Secretary of the military (financial administration & Comptroller) will:
(a) provide a fund cite to be used through DoD civilian personnel and/or family members for the evacuation expenses (per diem and transportation only) in the experience the applicable mother or father company is unable to deliver funds in a well timed manner. (b) adequately fund the CMA to cover all costs linked to the emergency funding for federal civilians, if required. Request supplemental funding as crucial.

(c) Notify useful resource capabilities Indianapolis (JDRS-I) when the certain fund cite has been activated.
(d) give month-to-month incremental can charge experiences to the DFAS-DE/ICCI, 6760 East Irvington region, Denver, Colorado 80279-2000, according to Chapter 23, quantity 12, of the DoD economic administration law. If reimbursements are required for non-DoD evacuees, component Comptrollers will post an SF 1080 to the DFAS-DE/ICCI.

(6) U.S. military useful resource services, Indianapolis (JDRS-I), Indiana will:

(a) Notify the office of the Assistant Secretary of the army, ATTN: SAFM-BUO-C, 109 military Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20310 when additional funding is required for the CMA to cover expenses of the noncombatant evacuees.
(b) provoke SF 1080 billings to all non-military DoD organizations for repayment of fees associated with the noncombatant evacuation of their personnel and/or family members. Billings for non-military non-DoD corporations (as Coast shelter) can be submitted through ASA(FMC) to DFAS-DE as described in 3.b.(6)(d) above.
(c) preserve ancient financial facts for the civilian evacuee account.

(7) The defense Finance and Accounting provider – Denver center (DFAS-DE/ICCI) will:

(a) Consolidate SF 1080s acquired from the DoD element
Comptrollers inquiring for compensation for non-DoD repatriation expenses and publish to applicable company for price.
(b) deliver a DoD Contingency Operations cost record to component Comptrollers, workplace of the Secretary of defense (Comptroller) and DA DCS, G-1 in line with Chapter 23, extent 12 of the DoD economic management regulation.

(8) Representatives at the militia & Civilian Personnel Processing facets at the Repatriation center will:

(a) investigate evacuee’s entitlements (command versus non-command sponsored military family members and DoD personnel and/or their members of the family with transportation agreements (TAs) versus locally-hired US citizens (see Annex okay for entitlements).
(b) prepare orders (see Appendix 1 of this Annex) or amendments as required. Request for orders do not constitute amended orders, and change order have to be prepared. military individuals who’re ordered to depart an area being evacuated must be either in a TDY or PCS status. a native fund cite could be used for his or her TDY. Escorts from the Theater who’re to return to responsibility will also be funded by way of a native fund cite.
(c) DoD civilian employees who are ordered to depart an area being evacuated must be both in a TDY or PCS repute.

c. Coordinating directions. Direct coordination between involved planning organizations and functions in any respect degrees is licensed for planning moves in conjunction with this annex. All helping plans and directives may be absolutely coordinated, as required previous to issuance.
a. Repatriation website.

(1) Upon request by using Joint Repatriation Coordination middle, the services and DFAS will set up educated finance groups to assist payments on the distinctive vicinity(s). These groups will

(a) Make payments for shelter allowances (per diem and transportation) for a length NTE 30 days, civilian and army pay advances (when authorised in boost through the sponsor) and legal claims advances if licensed. DFAS will technique military pay advances. A Civilian Pay consultant will system civilian pay advances.
(b) make sure that every order (DD 1610) introduced contains an estimated volume for the family’s allowances for a duration of a hundred and eighty days, except a lesser length has been recognized.
(c) process orders via typical accounting channels. forward further copies to respective centralized websites identified in 4b.(1) under for follow-on funds. in the experience funds had been made towards the designated CMA in 3b (6) above, a replica of the family’s orders will also be forwarded to US army resources and courses company, HQDA aid administration, useful resource capabilities Indianapolis/RSI, 8899 East 56th street Room 222T, Indianapolis, Indiana 46249-3005
(d) with a view to reduce charges, facilitate effectivity and convenience, and reduce the necessity for managing massive sums of money or tourists’ assessments, HQDA, G-1, the executive Agent for Repatriation Operations, has entered into an contract with the U.S. Treasury branch and DFAS to put into effect a NEO Debit Card application. The pilot software commences in 2005. at this time instead of money evacuation allowance disbursements, evacuees might be issued a NEO Debit Card which DFAS will top off in 30 day increments all the way through the duration of the evacuation. Evacuees can be capable of use this card to pay for lodging, withdraw cash, make purchases—i.e., this card capabilities like any other own debit card offered by using one’s economic institution. For massive community evacuations DFAS will continue to maintain a constrained sum of money accessible for emergency situations handiest. on the conclusion of the pilot application section, any required adjustments or advancements might be made and the NEO Debit Card will develop into the average mode of evacuation allowance disbursements.

b. The Repatriation web page finance crew chief will:

(1) prepare with the supporting installation/base banking facility to “sell” cash to the aiding finance groups for making cash payments, as required. (2) Coordinate with the aiding installing/base bank facility to promote/or deliver freed from can charge vacationer’s exams to civilian personnel/family members.
(three) determine requirements, in coordination with assist finance teams, for work house, safety of finance work areas, and the comfortable storage of cash and/or other negotiable devices.

c. OCONUS intermediate staging bases (ISBs). ISBs could be used to supply overnight lodging and respite earlier than evacuees flow on to CONUS repatriation websites and eventual final locations. normally, evacuation funds will not be made at these areas.

(1) If funds are made to evacuees who’re returning to CONUS, the paying organizations will forward all charge advice (copies of fee vouchers, orders, and many others.) to the respective website in paragraph 4 c.(1) beneath.
(2) If funds are made to evacuess who don’t return to CONUS safe havens (i.e., remain in the region of the ISB), follow-on payments could be made in response to the Combatant Commander’s repatriation aid plan.

d. each and every provider and DFAS have dependent central websites to aid funds for individuals while in their shelter area and for families who did not system through detailed repatriation websites.

(1) here groups were exact:

army: DFAS-Indianapolis, IN
C: (317) 510-3301; DSN: 699- ; TPS/NEO 1/800/759-4118
Navy: Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington, DC
1-888-227-3832 Air drive (cease flow): Randolph Air drive Base, TX
1-800-435-9941; C: (565) 652-2671/3483; DSN: 665-
*1/Air force (West Coast): McChord Air force Base, WA *1/Air drive (East Coast): Charleston Air drive Base, SC
C: (803)566-3785; DSN: 673-
Marine Corps: Marine Corps Finance, Kansas metropolis, MO:
C: (816) 926-5760; DSN: 465-5720
DoD company civilians (doesn’t include carrier civilians)
DFAS-Indianapolis; C: (317) 542-3301; DSN: 699-
*1/ Air drive evacuees who process through a West Coast Repatriation web site will get hold of follow-on payment aid from McChord AFB; via an East Coast Repatriation web site from Charleston.

(2) assisting centralized sites will:

(a) post 1-800 numbers upon notification that their capabilities are required. supply this number to provider Headquarters and the Joint Repatriation Coordination middle (888) 852-4880). put together family assistance packets for mailing to families.
(b) deliver preliminary safe haven advances for trip and per diem and pay advances, when approved, to DoD militia and civilian households littered with the cease circulation order or others who can not system through the Repatriation middle. procedure orders through average channels. in the experience initial funds were made against the particular CMA in 3b (6) above, a replica of the family unit’s orders will even be forwarded to US military components and programs company, HQDA aid administration resource features Indianapolis/RSI, 8899 East 56th street Room 222T, Indianapolis, Indiana 46249-3005 and also forward reproduction of go back and forth advances to trip Pay capabilities ATTN: NEO crew, 8899 East 56th road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46249-3700.
(c) provide for follow-on payments for respective DoD households and make last settlement. respond to households’ questions regarding funds and allowances
right through the process.

5. COMMAND AND COMMUNICATIONS. See simple Plan. 6. carrier FUND CITES. defense force service and DoD civilian fund cites are offered within the DoD Comptroller financial Code ebook, the HQ department of army website at, or in the personally launched Entitlements messages for Personnel Withdrawing from numerous remote places posts as noncombatant drawdowns happen. J table of Contents HEADQUARTERS, department OF THE military
WASHINGTON, D. C. 20310-0300 APPENDIX 1 TO ANNEX J monetary administration
instruction SHEET FOR DD 1610 merchandise 1. Fill in date of request. merchandise 2. Fill in identify of evacuee and Social safety number. item 4. Fill in obligation station. item 6. Fill in mobilephone number of duty station. merchandise 7. class of orders is "Evacuation." item 9. intention is "approved Departure" or "Ordered
Departure." item 10 a. Fill in "NTE a hundred and eighty Days"
b. finished the date of approximate departure. item eleven. doc itinerary. item 14. Cite linked per diem and travel prices. merchandise 15. Calculate and document the licensed boost. item 16. Fill in remarks IAW the pattern DD 1610. merchandise 2 (persevered) further members of the family’ names are
documented here. merchandise 16 (continued) service toll-free numbers are documented right here for further information. J-1 table of Contents.

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