University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

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University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application – When you check the list of top colleges, you may see the University of Pennsylvania. The university is also known as UPenn. UPenn is a university that maintains itself firmly among the elite. They can provide students with a way to live their academic lives in balance and flourish.

Can you enter this famous university and make an incredible journey? Yes you can. That’s why we have an excellent guide for you that explains UPenn’s admissions requirements. This guide will explain the score requirements, application requirements, and everything related to admission. But before that, let’s take a look at UPenn’s overview.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

According to the “US News Rankings 2021”, UPenn is the 8th best university in the United States. According to the “2021 QS World University Ranking,” UPenn is the 16th best university in the world.

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Tuition for students attending UPenn is $60,042 (2020-21). The total enrollment in the school is 22, 432. 6:1 is the student to faculty ratio at UPenn. For every 6 students, there is one faculty, which gives each student a high personal interest. 71% of classes at UPenn consist of fewer than 20 students.

The University of Pennsylvania has important names in the world as its alumni. Some famous alumni are Donald Trump (former US President), Warren Buffett (American investor), Sundar Pichai (CEO of Alphabet and Google), Elizabeth Banks (American actress).

The University of Pennsylvania is a very competitive institution in terms of grades. UPenn’s 25th percentile SAT score is 1450. This means that just under 25% of admitted students have a score below 1450.

UPenn’s 75th percentile SAT score is 1560. This means that about 75% of admitted students scored below 1560. UPenn’s average SAT score (50th Percentile) that we can find is 1505.

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You can also focus on the 25th percentile and 75th percentile of the two sections separately. For mathematics, the 25th percentile score is 750 points and the 75th percentile score is 800 points.

For EBRW, the 25th percentile score is 700, and the 75th percentile score is 760. Here, we can see that you need more math scores to get a similar percentile score to EBRW.

If you think you are weak in one section, try to score higher than required in another section. Therefore, even if you score more than the required score in one section but score less in another section, you can still arrive at the required composite score.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

College SAT scoring policies determine how student scores are evaluated. This policy is different for each school. In the case of UPenn, the approach they have is “the highest part.”

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“Superscoring” is another term for this policy. In this policy, the university considers your section’s highest SAT score from all attempts.

For example, I took the SAT twice. In the first attempt, your composite score is 1540. Out of 1540, 780 is from Maths, and 760 is from EBRW. On another shot, I again got 1540 as a composite SAT score. But this time, he got 760 in math and 780 in EBRW.

Therefore, your highest score for Math and EBRW is on the first and second attempts, respectively. And since UPenn has a departmental maximum score policy, the highest score in each course will count.

Therefore, UPenn will take your math score as 780 and EBRW as 780. It is beneficial to the student because his score has increased by 20 points, which has now become 1560.

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Therefore, since the superscore policy helps students, it is necessary to retake the SAT. This increases your likelihood of increasing your composite score.

UPenn’s 25th percentile ACT score is 33, and the 75th percentile score is 35. UPenn has no minimum score requirements. However, a score below the 25th percentile makes it difficult to be accepted.

The ACT composite score is the average of all 4 section scores. To get the desired composite score, you need to get the approximate score you need in each section.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

UPenn uses the superscore method for the ACT as well. Here, they will consider your personal highest score in each section in multiple attempts.

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For example, you took the ACT twice. In the first attempt, I got the following numbers:

But, since UPenn uses the superscore, it will get the highest individual score in both attempts. So your top score will be:

The average score is 34.5, because you will not receive ACT scores in decimals, colleges consider the whole number the highest. Therefore, the composite ACT score after superscoring will be 35.

The average GPA for UPenn is 3.9 on a scale of 4. You need a high school grade of “A” to get this much GPA. If you know you don’t get that much GPA, focus on getting more on the SAT/ACT.

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, UPenn has made the SAT/ACT test optional for 2020-21. This means that it is not necessary to take a standardized test. However, you can still submit scores if you wish. You will be at a disadvantage if you do not submit SAT scores.

UPenn offers interviews to 90% of applicants. The interviewer should know about the candidate. To learn more about interviews, go to

The biggest reason is the number of opportunities available, whether it is the opportunity to learn from world-renowned professors or the opportunity to conduct research from your first year of college.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

Another reason may be the students around you. There are so many smart and driven people at Penn, and it’s great to surround yourself with people like that who ultimately push you to do your best and become a better person.

International Application Guidelines

The location of the campus is another reason to attend Penn. Although Penn is located in West Philly, it is very easy to go Downtown and listen to concerts, eat in Chinatown, or visit museums! The great thing about Penn is that even though it’s downtown, it still has that “college campus” feel. And if you want something new, you can easily get into the city with all the available public transport.

For international students, the application requirements are similar but with English proficiency test requirements. You must demonstrate proficiency in English if you wish to enter. To do this, you can do tests such as:

UPenn has named their application review process the “Comprehensive Review of the Whole Person.” UPenn’s review process is a holistic review process that is divided into four components.

Technically, colleges want to see your grades, standardized tests (optional for 2020-21), and recommendations. What does UPenn mean when they say grades are transcripts. They will not only look at what grades you got but also what class you took in high school.

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UPenn will review your college profile with your transcript. They try to know how you challenge yourself while going to college. They will see what you have access to in your college, especially advanced courses. The college will try to create a narrative of what kind of student you have this information.

Getting a good score is very important, but the trend of scores over the years is also important. If your grades have increased over the years, that is a great sign.

The university will also see the classes you have taken in the context of the course you have chosen to apply to at UPenn. They check that you have the necessary preparation in high school for the course you are applying for.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

For example, if you apply for an engineering course, it is necessary to take a physics course. If not, the university considers that you do not have the necessary preparation for the applied course. Therefore, remember that your course selection should be in line with your future goals.

Cost And Tuition

If you think there is a problem during the study, you can inform me in the “More information” section.

Also, Upenn will see your recommendations, which gives them another perspective to see you. They can see how a student, roommate, friend, you can be at UPenn. It helps UPenn understand the candidates above the rank.

Your activities help UPenn know what you do outside of the classroom. It helps them get to know you as a whole, not just as a student.

There are two types of activities that students usually participate in. One is the activity you choose to do, and the other is responsibility.

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The activities you choose to do make the college see what you enjoy. It shows the nature of your personality and the specific abilities and skills you may have. Also, it says what you will contribute to the UPenn community. Responsibilities include working part-time, caring for family members, traveling to school. Long time, etc.

You must mention these activities in the “Activities” section of the Common App or the “Activities/Experiences” section of the Coalition application. To know how to fill out the “Activity” section correctly, go to our blog How to fill out the General App Activity section the best way possible.

When applying to UPenn, you must submit a personal essay, two Penn-specific essays, and sometimes a third dependent essay.

University Of Pennsylvania Transfer Application

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