Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

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Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware – We all know that VMware PowerCLI is the tool used by millions of customers worldwide to manage and automate their VMware environments.

To modernize the documentation, VMware has made major UI/UX changes to the PowerCLI home page and its documentation. It’s now more organized and easy to navigate across VMware’s various products such as vSAN, vSphere and NSX.

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

“VMware introduces all-new developer documentation. It has an intuitive user interface, improved categorization, and a user-friendly interface that has helped improve the information experience. Initially, this was only the reference API and the PowerCLI documentation was not part of it. Later in the year, PowerCLI documentation was included.” Jatin Purohit wrote in the blog post.

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We now have the PowerCLI home page. From here you can navigate to the community, GitHub sample repo, ideas and feature requests, PowerCLI blog, release notes, changelog, and user guide. This page will be your single entry point for all PowerCLI related content from now on.

The home page also contains a link to an installation guide that helps you install PowerCLI on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

Previously, Shortcuts were organized by PowerCLI modules, which was not the most efficient way to display Shortcuts. Initially, the plan was to fix the VMware product cmdlets. In the latest release, all cmdlets have been reorganized from the VMware Product. This helps you focus specifically on a VMware product and allows you to better navigate the PowerCLI documentation.

We now have a global search bar on the PowerCLI home page and the product reference page. Regardless of the content you are currently viewing, the search bar is available in the PowerCLI documentation. You can now search for cmdlets regardless of PowerCLI module or VMware product.

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PowerCLI is about objects. The only thing I found interesting was the data structure section. With this, you can clearly understand something and its properties. The data structure section also provides details on how this object is used through various PowerCLI shortcuts. Quite comfortable, must try.

All shortcuts are categorized by objects. These things are easy to understand and provide another meaningful way to search with short commands.

The cmdlet reference page provides a clean interface to get details about the corresponding cmdlet. Well-informed descriptions and neatly highlighted syntax help you better understand shortcuts.

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

The cmdlet reference page also provides sample examples that you can copy and modify according to your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned PowerCLI geek or a beginner, this cmdlet reference page will always be of great help to you. VMware PowerCLI 12.2 is out now. It brings many improvements to existing shortcuts and introduces new shortcuts.

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For a long time, VMware Horizon has been required to be compatible with the PowerShell core. The good news is that it is now compatible with the PowerShell core to run on macOS, Linux, or any other platform of your choice.

New cmdlets are introduced to support DRaaS management. New cmdlets allow you to enable Site Recovery on a specific SDDC and help you manage site recovery opportunities.

Set-VmcSddc has a new parameter called -EnableSiteRecovery that allows you to enable site recovery on a specific SDDC. See below the PowerCLI snippet and a short demo.

A new set of shortcuts has been introduced to manage site recovery opportunities. When site recovery is enabled, you can manage instances using the commands below.

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We introduced vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) cmdlets starting with PowerCLI 12.1. With the release of PowerCLI 12.2, we are further expanding the scope of vLCM cmdlets. Let’s look at some of these operations in detail.

A new Export-LCMClusterDesiredState cmdlet has been introduced to export a desired state of a cluster. See the cmdlet reference to learn more.

A new Import-LCMClusterDesiredState cmdlet has been introduced to import the desired state of a cluster. See the cmdlet reference to learn more.

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

A new cmdlet has been introduced to provide a desired state recommendation if a new base image is available to use.

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We added an additional parameter –DepotOverrides to the Set-Cluster command that allows you to specify a custom image depot to be used by vLCM.

A new -ContentLibraryItem parameter has been added to the Get-OvfConfiguration cmdlet. This will allow you to retrieve and update ovf parameters from a content library item.

$ContentLibItem Get-ContentLibraryItem -name ‘ContentLibraryItem’ $vmhost = get-VMHost -name ‘’ $ovfConfig = get-OvfConfiguration -ContentLibraryItem $ContentLibItem -Target $vmhost $ovfConfig.Vtrue. $ovfConfig.NetworkMapping.Network_1.Value= ‘VM Network’

A new OVFConfiguration parameter has been added to the New-VM cmdlet to allow specifying OVF parameters when deploying an OVF template from a content library

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In the foreach-object cmdlet starting with PowerShell v7. The new switch allowed PowerShell to run parallel tasks on a collection of objects, thereby reducing the overall execution time. However, Foreach-Object -parallel is not supported by VMware PowerCLI until now.

When you use Foreach-Object -parallel, PowerShell creates child execution spaces to perform the corresponding tasks. PowerCLI’s problem is that it cannot reuse VISessions in child execution space, so it fails to execute PowerCLI shortcodes.

I am happy to inform you that foreach-object -Parallel is now supported by PowerCLI. This can be achieved in 2 ways.

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

You will need to store the VISession in a variable and pass the connection variable to each PowerCLI command under foreach-object -parallel.

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You can run the Get-PowerCLIContext cmdlet and store it in a variable that will store VISession variables and imported modules from the parent runtime. You can then use the PowerCLI context in foreach-object -parallel to pass the VISession information to the child runtime. This method eliminates the need to specify a built-in -Server parameter for each PowerCLI cmdlet.

In closing, I recommend you visit the PowerCLI 12.2 release notes to learn more about improvements and bug fixes. Also, check out the PowerCLI home page for anything and everything related to PowerCLI. Hi everyone, it’s time to update the PowerCLI module to the latest PowerCLI 12.4. PowerCLI 12.4 is a very important update in terms of how you work with the REST API. Right now we have two main vSphere API bindings available for PowerCLI and they are-

Both API bindings are well known and still relevant for PowerCLI users. In PowerCLI 12.4, we introduced an additional API binding to access the vSphere REST API. The new PowerCLI API bindings greatly improve usability when working with the vSphere REST API and provide a native PowerShell user experience.

Update an existing PowerCLI module to PowerCLI 12.4 and it will download a new set of PowerCLI modules packaged under “VMware.Sdk.vSphere”. This is a new manifest module that contains submodules for all REST APIs available for vSphere.

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REST APIs have methods to implement the API and data structures to use as input to the API. The new API bindings provide low-level PowerShell functions for working with methods and data structures.

The Initialize function will be used to create a data structure to use as input to the REST API. For example, Create a local account.

$ LocalAccountSconfig = initialize -localaccountsconfig -password ‘tes $ tpa $$ w0rd’ -roles ‘superadmin’ #create account config $ localaccountscreateequestbody = initialize -localaccountscreaterequestbody -username ‘dimilov’ -config $ localaccountsconfig #create account request body -createlocalacounticountiescroater #Create of a local account

Vsphere Powercli 5 8 Cheat Sheet Vmware

The vSphere API documentation is updated with PowerCLI examples for calling the corresponding REST API through PowerCLI. For example, take a look at the Create Local Accounts REST API documentation and you’ll find an example of calling the same API using PowerCLI.

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A new vSphere Management module is introduced. It is a PowerShell-based module supported by the newly introduced vSphere Automation API SDK modules. In fact, you can explore the source code of this module and learn how we created PowerCLI shortcodes using the Invoke and Initialize functions provided by the new REST API bindings. The module currently contains 6 shortcodes to increase certificate management. See the cmdlet’s documentation to learn more.

We’re updating the PowerCLI logo to comply with VMware’s new brand guidelines. You can access the new logo files from here.

To sum it up, I would say that the new API bindings give you a native PowerShell experience while working with REST APIs. Please see the PowerCLI 12.4 release notes for more details on improvements and bug fixes.

This is because the certificate we used to sign the modules was replaced with a new one from a new issuer. To resolve this issue, you may need to delete the existing module and reinstall the module using the Install-Module cmdlet. If command lines are your bread and butter, you probably already know about esxcli commands and how they are used to perform ESXi management and configuration tasks. If, on the other hand, you are new to the esxcli system, this post will give you a head start. For now, you only need to know that esxcli commands are executed from the ESXi shell. If the command line is something you want to learn, consider checking out the PowerCLI Primer series. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the show

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