Warranty Certificate Template

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Warranty Certificate Template – Even a home buyer who buys household goods from the store he usually goes to will look for a warranty card for the goods sold to him. When the store owner assures him that the product has a warranty, the customer blindly trusts the retailer and buys the product. Some of them ask for information such as warranty period and exchange guarantee if the product does not work properly. But very few study the warranty card in detail. The reason is that the common layman does not know what information to look for in the paper given to him.

To remove all such obstacles, here are the warranty card details that every buyer and seller should know. The warranty card is an agreement between the buyer and the seller. This is the fulfillment of the obligations of the seller, who promises to deliver quality goods to the buyer, as well as the buyer’s right to demand a replacement / repair if the goods have a defect from the seller.

Warranty Certificate Template

Warranty Certificate Template

The key parts of the warranty certificate are the warranty period, the reason for the warranty, the inclusions and exclusions of the warranty, and the type of warranty offered. The first component is the time during which warranty service can be delivered to the product. The dealer calculates the warranty period based on the price of the product and the normal area of ​​use of the device/device. This period provides the buyer with an umbrella during which they can request a product exchange or free repair. A service fee is charged for complaints sent after this period.

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The next thing to consider is the reason for the coverage. The warranty does not cover goods that are subject to normal wear and tear over a long period of time or that have been damaged if they have been mishandled due to insufficient machine skills or careless supervision by the operator during use and maintenance. machine. The warranty covers products that do not work properly and do not work fully, and if the product does not fulfill the seller’s promises.

The third thing to consider in a warranty certificate is inclusions and exclusions. Accessories and accessories that come with the product are sometimes not included in the cover document. The reason is that these supplements have a very short shelf life. They are easier to get used to or damaged than a working basic product. For example, in cars, the warranty does not cover oil, because it can be used long before the car itself wears out.

The next most important thing to pay attention to is the type of services offered. Repair or replacement are standard benefits. Some sellers may offer free maintenance services to attract customers and stay ahead of the retail chain. In addition to warranty documents, some vendors also provide handling/use standards and safety instructions.

In general, guarantees are an important way for store owners to create trust among customers and entice them to return to their stores again and again.

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Warranty Certificate Template

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