Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

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Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template – Need help creating a weekly cleaning schedule? Get ideas for activities to incorporate into your weekly cleaning routine, and download a printable weekly checklist to use!

Favorite activity. If “bath” is written on a list with an empty box next to it, then something makes me want to do it so I can just write the to-do list.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

A regular cleaning schedule can motivate you to keep your home clean, and it’s a great way to create a good cleaning routine that you can stick to! Here are some tips on how to build your cleaning list and the different activities you can add to it:

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I like to think of my cleaning list as a “way” to get me from a messy, messy house to a neat and clean house.

I also find that if I don’t have a daily writing schedule, then I spend valuable time thinking about what to do. But that’s where a clean schedule and list can help! When you complete a task, you can add a satisfied check next to it, and move on to the next task on your list!

And with a written list or record of the cleaning tasks you need to do each week, you won’t forget anything! You can even give your older children chores to help you with whatever you have on your schedule… no rules have to be

Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Template

How to Create a Weekly Cleaning Plan That Works for You Step 1: Decide what type of cleaning you will use each week.

You have several options for where to download your cleaning schedule so you can refer to it throughout the week. I personally like to use printable lists (no surprises there!), but you may want to use a program or add some clean tasks to your paper design.

Here are a few ways to keep your weekly cleaning schedule front and center, and within easy reach:

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

If you already use a planner as a Happy Planner, then you can use a page or two of “Notes” in the back of your planner. Also, the great thing about the Happy Planner is that you can easily add a printable laundry list directly to the planner.

Best Maid Service Checklist Printable

Task lists are GREAT for keeping track of the many tasks that need to be done each week. You can go here for more ideas and tips for creating lists and get these great free printable templates:

If digital organization is more your style, try an app that keeps track of what you’re cleaning. You can check out a list of the best cleaning supplies here!

A simple one or two page weekly cleaning schedule is a great way to keep track of your cleaning routine. You can print the list (like the one I have at the end of this post!), and hang it on the fridge or in your family’s control area where you won’t forget it!

Once you start creating your weekly cleaning schedule, you’ll notice that there are certain cleaning tasks you want to do every day.

Cleaning Binder: Weekly Cleaning Checklist

You have several options for how to incorporate your daily cleaning tasks into your weekly schedule. You can:

Step 3: Think of a list of cleaning tasks you want to do each week.

This list should include cleaning tasks that should be done once or twice a week… As well as tasks that keep getting pushed to the back burner and, in fact, maybe happen once a month, if good luck

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

You may also want to consider which tasks to add to your weekly cleaning list depending on the situation. For example, think about everything you need to clean every week in your children’s bathroom, then the family room, etc. That way, you won’t forget the tasks you need to do.

Unfuck Your Habitat

And if you need help thinking of cleaning tasks to add to your weekly cleaning routine, I have a great list of ideas for you at the end of this post, as well as some weekly cleaning examples for you to reference!

Depending on how much work you do and other household maintenance tasks that need to be completed, you can only dedicate 3-4 days a week to cleaning. Or, if you’re a full-time housekeeper, maybe you want to spend part of each day cleaning the house so you can spread the work around.

Consider your children’s work and school schedules as well as your partner’s work schedule when deciding which days work best for you.

My weekly cleaning routine consists of several tasks each day of the week, so I spend an hour cleaning each day. This may sound like a big commitment, but think about how many hours each day you spend just watching TV…

Editable Airbnb Professional Cleaning Checklist Templates

After you have a clean to-do list, it’s time to fill out your cleaning schedule.

This may be different for you, depending on how you choose your cleaning job in Step 1, but I recommend the cleaning press model that I use.

*Note – You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view these documents.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

Whatever method you choose to use (whether it’s a weekly schedule, a cleaning plan, or something else), just fill in your cleaning tasks to create a schedule.

Cleaning Checklist {free Printable}

After your weekly cleaning routine has been used in the “real world”, you will need to change it.

If you find yourself over-scheduled, then the print cleaning process can make you feel like a failure and add unnecessary stress to your already busy life. No problem!

Don’t worry if you want to cross a few cleaning tasks off your list or if you don’t do them all every day. Just adjust your cleaning routine to what works best for you.

You may ask yourself, “What kind of work does it take to clean the house every week?”. If so, here’s a great list of weekly cleaning tasks to get you started:

Easy Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy People (+ Free Printable!)

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with daily meal prep and nightly raids on the refrigerator, it can be one of the most stressful places. But if you make a good plan to clean your kitchen every week, this room should be clean.

Here are some cleaning tasks you can do every week in the kitchen and dining area:

The places where people congregate in your home (living room, den, bedroom, etc.) are often the easiest to clean… and that’s how it is in my home.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

Other than dusting, cleaning the floors, and tidying up the rooms, there shouldn’t be anything else to do here.

Free Pale Purple Cleaning Checklist Template In Google Docs

This is my favorite way to clean… You may have heard of a cleaning method called “localization”.

Focusing on one room every day makes me feel a little anxious, and I feel like I spend less time putting things from room to room. Similar to a tacky horse – ignore the clutter that has accumulated elsewhere and focus on one room so it is not disrespected or disturbed.

Of course, you have to complete your daily cleaning tasks in certain rooms, like washing the dishes and sorting out the leftovers for the day.

Another way you can create your weekly cleaning schedule is to divide your tasks by what needs cleaning.

Free Printable House Cleaning Schedule Template Pdf

This cleaning method works well because you don’t have to carry heavy equipment like a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner every day. For example, the sprayers I use and LOVE take a few minutes to heat up, and I have to prepare by filling with water… It would be a pain to do this every day or several days a week, so I wish that all my steam mopping is done in one day.

Monday: Floors – I like to get all the floors in my house first, then go back and sand all the hard floors.

Wednesday: Dust and dust – Dust all the furniture, lamps, and other lighting today. Next, clean other things in your home such as your kitchen and cabinets and furniture. Anything that requires a microfiber cleaning cloth or duster can be done today.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

(kitchen and bathroom and bed can be done on a separate day). You can also check out clothes, shoes, and accessories that are available outside

Free Cleaning Checklists: Daily, Weekly And Monthly

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