What Is Protected Personal Information

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What Is Protected Personal Information – Look forward to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe in May 2018 and its expected impact on data processing with expert insight from Gary Southwell, Vice President and General Manager, Products, at CSPI.

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into full effect on 25 May 2018 and affects every company worldwide that processes or stores personal data of EU citizens.

What Is Protected Personal Information

What Is Protected Personal Information

The new rules give people more rights over how companies handle their personally identifiable information (PII) and impose hefty fines for breaches and data breaches — up to 4 percent of a company’s annual revenue. The GDPR also requires companies to report data breaches within a 72-hour window. (See “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, deadlines and facts” for more details on the regulation.)

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Even if you don’t do business with the EU, it is likely to have an impact on future global safety standards. As a result, companies operating in the EU or with data affected by the GDPR are quick to try to comply prematurely. For security teams, this means ensuring that personal data is adequately protected and that the correct reporting processes are in place.

As Brian Vecci, Technology Evangelist at Varonis, says: “Most companies are completely unprepared. You have companies in the Midwest United States that are suddenly subject to some of the strictest data protection regulations ever because someone from the EU signed up for their newsletter. This is what I find so great about GDPR. It goes across all verticals. This does not only affect financial organizations or hospitals. If you have personal data from one of the 28 member states, your organization will be affected.

For better or worse, the GDPR does not define specific privacy controls that an organization must follow. Each organization is free to establish the necessary security controls for the data collected, confidentiality and risk.

Olivier Van Hoof, Pre-Sales Manager for Europe at Collibra, says that GDPR starts with data management: “You have to put a data management platform in place before you can really start securing the data. It is much more than just the technical backup of the data. Most organizations look at their business processes first, then the logical processes that collect the data, and then the physical data itself. GDPR is also about understanding that the data really belongs to the individual. They actually just host the data.”

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The definition of personal data under the GDPR is much broader, much broader than the current or previously existing protections for personal data in most other countries. This includes all information relating to a specific person, regardless of whether this data is private, public or professional in nature. This applies not only to names, addresses and financial information, but to anything that can identify an individual (eg IP addresses, login IDs, biometric identifiers, geolocation data, video footage, customer loyalty history, social media posts and photos) . If it can be attributed to a specific person, it is included.

The impact of GDPR means that not only will you need to protect more types of data in the future, but you will also need to put more effort into identifying existing data that may not have previously been considered PII. Vecci says: “Even if you had PII from one of the EU states, what you collected might not be considered PII in that country. Now, from May, it’s suddenly PII.”

Businesses affected by the GDPR should use their best efforts to identify information that has not been previously tracked or indexed. For example, a recorded customer service call may need to be tracked, protected, traced and reported.

What Is Protected Personal Information

Documented “opt-in” consent must be provided for each individual (or their legal guardian). Consent must explicitly state what data is collected, what it is used for and how long it is kept. In addition, participants may withdraw their consent at any time and request that their personal data be deleted (if they provide one of the approved reasons).

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Under the GDPR, individuals can also control what happens to their personal data. In addition to being able to request deletion, they can have factual errors corrected, see what data is stored about them, and even export it for their personal review and use. These important rights are brand new to most organizations.

Vecci sees that most companies are initially just trying to understand how big their GDPR problem is. They don’t know what they don’t know. You need to find out where the data is stored and whether it is covered by the GDPR. Then they have to protect and track it with the least rights. Fortunately, my company Varonis has been doing this from the start. We specialize not only in finding the data, but also in determining who has access to what and whether they need access to the data. With other data protection regulations, it was sufficient to keep the data safe from the outside. Now it must be better secured internally, as Article 25 of the GDPR states that the data must be protected by design and least privileged by default. And you can’t do that without first understanding where it is and who has access to it.”

Businesses have consistently prioritized ease of use over security when designing online systems that interact with consumers. They understandably want consumers to have positive experiences, especially during a transaction such as a purchase or accessing an account. They believed that consumers have the same priorities.

This can change. A recent study by identity verification firm Trulioo found that more consumers are concerned that companies are prioritizing speed over security. In fact, 71% of respondents said security was the most important factor when opening a new account. Fear of being a victim of fraud is the most important factor, with 76% of respondents saying they feel more at risk than a year ago.

Student Data Security And Privacy Policy

However, only 49% said that transparency in how their personal data is collected and used is more important to them. This is despite the fact that 72% said they believed their personal information was for sale online.

Yes! Security researcher and Oxford University student James Pavur demonstrated at the recent Black Hat conference how he was able to collect his fiancee’s PII using GDPR requests (with her consent) from various organizations.

This bit of social engineering was effective and not very challenging for Pavur. Of the 150 GDPR requests sent, 24% of organizations accepted his fiance’s email address and phone number as proof of identity. He was able to get her social security number, credit card number and expiration date, account passwords, date of birth and mother’s maiden name – enough to do real damage.

What Is Protected Personal Information

Is an organization that processes the data on behalf of a data controller. Controllers and processors must keep written records of what data was collected, how it was collected appropriately, how it was used and when it was disposed of.

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Although ideal for data subject control and privacy, most companies do not yet have these types of privacy tracking systems in place. Security teams must not only protect data against traditional threats, but do so in a way that is transparent, documented and recoverable for a potentially large number of affected individuals, while maintaining strong data security. Every member of the computer security team needs to be trained on GDPR compliance and what it means for organizations’ existing and future security controls.

Many of the participating private and public companies must have an official data protection officer (DPO). The data protection officer is not only a key figure in GDPR compliance, but also needs the technical knowledge or staff to secure data and ensure business continuity. The data protection officer is expected to act independently of the organization that employs him. The EU felt the position of the data protection officer was so important that it issued a separate, more detailed 18-page document on the position.

The position of data protection officer seems like a natural fit for a CSO, and it can be. CSOs are certainly familiar with the technical requirements and controls of computer security, as well as the interface to top management. However, a Data Protection Officer must have a strong understanding of data protection and compliance requirements, which are typically better understood by Chief Privacy Officers (CPO) or other data protection officers. On the other hand, data protection officers may not understand the technical side of things. Smaller companies with much smaller management teams may hire the “best fit” employee, such as an auditor, or even choose an external data protection officer who may or may not also work with other companies. In all cases, the GDPR requires the DPO to be an independent compliance auditor and directly accessible to the data subjects, the compliant organization and the GDPR supervisory authorities. If data is collected from the data subject, the contact details of the controller and DPO must be provided.

Van Hoof says: “Most large European companies have already appointed data protection officers, but I have seen outsourced data protection officers or joint data protection officers from small and medium-sized companies.”

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Data protection and processing records must be maintained and made available for routine and regularity

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