Wi Title And License Plate Application

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Wi Title And License Plate Application – Wisconsin residents will soon pay more for their annual car registrations — and a lot more for vehicle ownership fees.

Both changes take effect on January 10. Residents whose car registrations expire on Sept. 30 are also subject to increased fees, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This is because new registrations for residents will first take effect the next day – October 1, when the increased fees will begin.

Wi Title And License Plate Application

Wi Title And License Plate Application

Those with annual registrations expiring on or before September 29 are in luck: they’ll avoid the increased fee this year.

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The fee for transferring ownership of a vehicle after the death of a spouse or partner is also increasing, from $62 to $157.

Vehicles built after 1996 that are kept in Sheboygan, Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties are also subject to emissions testing.

The test is required every two years at the time of registration renewal or when the vehicle owner changes.

Emissions tests are free, but if your car fails, you may have to pay for repairs until it passes.

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Editor’s note, Aug. 13: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the date that residents would begin paying the increased fee.

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Wi Title And License Plate Application

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Wisconsin Title and Title Number – New License Plate # License Plate # Application Unique Formv1 5/2010 Amount Received Document Number Processor ID Not Received – Date – Check Open Money Do not write above the line. Go to the instructions Fill in the form with blue or black ink. Date of Birth Owner Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number or FEIN – Mandatory Section A – Vehicle Owner Information Date of Birth Owner State Legal Name – Last, First, Middle Initial or Business Name Co-Owner State (if applicable) – First Name – Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial Co-Owner Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number or FEIN – Required  OR A (CHECK) City Zip Code Owner Date Area Code – Telephone Number Street (if applicable, include PO Box ) If leasing vehicle, include Lessee Name Social Security Number Security or Driver’s License # or FEIN – Required Renter Street City Zip Code Renter Date Area Code – Phone Number Year Section B – Vehicle Information Make Type (Car, Truck, Van, etc. F F) Color Fleet Number (Optional) Vehicle WI Identification Number Transport License Plate or Temporary Tag Type  Check the box if tags are tra Separated between spouse or household and partners. License plates cannot be transferred between other family members. Date you first drive the vehicle in Wisconsin Check all that apply (see directions)  Title  Transport only  Rescue  Police  Taxi   Flood damaged title Hail damaged Vehicle is stored in County City Village City (check one) From:     S: Section C – Loan Information Secured Party Number(s) Name of Lending Agency or Person(s) Street, City, State, Zip Code Area – Telephone Number Section D – Fees  Pay a title fee if you change owner (s) ) ) on your title or you are driving a vehicle in Wisconsin for the first time. Pay a replacement title fee – $69.50 ($20 replacement) per title if replacing a lost, stolen or mutilated title in Wisconsin. Check the guidelines to determine which taxes apply. Purchase price $ (Warning: Understating the purchase price is a crime) Less settlement discount $  If tax exempt, enter code If other, indicate reason Taxable amount $ See local sales tax guidelines to determine tax rate. State Sales Tax (taxable amount x 0.05) $ Example: $10,000 x 0.005 = $50 Local Sales Tax (see example) $ (taxable amount) (rate) (local tax) Loan Application Fee – $10 (pay a fee for each Loan in Section C) $ For other types of tags, see Section G on the back of this page. License plate fee (check one box) $ enter make type  • Passenger vehicle $75 and gross weight if available  • Light truck (private operation only): and registration period 4,500 pounds gross weight or less $75 and the entry fee on the left. 6,000 pounds gross weight or less $84 8,000 pounds gross weight or less $106 Note – For heavy vehicles that qualify for subsequent monthly or quarterly registration, see back of instructions for more  • Other license plate types (see information at right) Information and special Address.Various fees (see instructions to see if they apply) • Wheel tax (see instructions) $ Send to: • Section G Motor Carrier Class Fee $ Send original vehicle title (not a copy), application and • Temporary plate fee – $3 By check to: WI Dept of Transportation (only if no transfer plate available; and if applying with an authorized agent) PO Box 7949 Madison WI 53707-7949 • Counter Service Fee – $5 (if applying in person at point) $ Special Labels: For all specialty labels, mail the completed application to: • Processing fee $ (additional fee will apply ve Applying through an agent. WI Dept. Pay check to agent. If the request is only to add a loan to PO Box 7911, see the instructions. Madison WI 53707-7911 Enter total fee $ Make check payable to: Registration Fee Vehicle Owner Certification Trust – If owner is under 18, complete the Consent to Purchase (Part E) on the back of this page. I (we) certify that the information and statements in this application are true and correct. Commercial Carriers: I also certify that I am knowledgeable of applicable federal and state motor carrier safety rules, regulations, standards and orders and that all operations will be conducted in accordance with such requirements. X (Date) X (Date) ) (Co-Owner Signature) Have you attached… Have you attached a signed check with the correct fees? If necessary, attach the original title of the vehicle? Sign the application? Make a copy for your records? Section E – Consent to Purchase Under 18 I certify that I have the legal custody of the person named as the owner and consent Date Signed Signature (Legal Guardian, Parent or Guardian) YRS old to such person’s purchase and registration of the vehicle Described in the applicant’s name. X Region Expiry date of my commission Date of signing and swearing in front of me Notary Signature Public Notary XSection F – Non-operational From: By: The vehicle described in this application has not been operated on public roads between the dates indicated. – Types of license plates The type and use of the vehicle determines the registration vehicles. Fees listed are annual unless otherwise stated.  The vehicle will be used “for hire” See the instructions for the payment of gross weight fees. License Number: Car  Car Fee = $75. Check if the motorcycle/moped is made Motorcycle  CYC Motorcycle less than 1500 lbs. Two-year registration only – tags expire in April of even-numbered years. Fee = $23.  For highway and display use  MPD moped (30 mph max speed, 50cc or less with automatic transmission, 130cc or less if pedals are functional) requires federal cert. Designation. Note: If this box is not checked, only two-year registration – license plates expire in April of even-numbered years. Fee = $23.  As needed full application recreation  MTM motorhome used as a temporary or recreational dwelling. Fee = column “h” of the fee schedule. Will be returned.  RVT RV trailer (solid walls, collapsible or non-collapsible – for human habitation.) show length right. Fee = $15 RV trailer length Note: Contact WI Sales Department at 608-264-9596 if RV is manufactured. Motor Carrier Class Army  FRM farm truck used primarily to transport my farm produce and supplies and not for travel to and from non-farm (tick one) Do not include license fees if you hold any interstate for hire occupation (if £38,000) or More, the truck must be used only for transporting agricultural products and supplies.) authorities or semi-trailer.  1. Private-charges without license fee = column “E” of the fee schedule.  5. Rental-Private  6. Rental-For Hire=$5 Farm Truck A tractor used only to transport supplies, farm equipment and produce.  7. Rental-Private & For Hire=$5  8. Intrastate Only For Hire – Annual Fee = Column “J” of Fee Schedule. PC=$5 or LC=$5  DPF  9. Interstate farm for dual purpose lease (farming and non-farming activities) register in gross VT. When used for non-agricultural purposes. NOTE: All renters must list Authorization Number(S) under Farm Activity, Max Gross Wt. is £12,000. Fee = column “A” of the fee schedule. (LC, IC, PC, RC.)  FTL Office Number(s): Farm trailer used exclusively for farming purposes. Fee = column “F” of the fee schedule. To apply for a US DOT number, call Truck  HTK/LTK Truck operated privately or under management. Fee = column “A” of the fee schedule. 1-800-832-5660 or contact the website: http://www.safer.fmcsa.dot.gov.and/or check consecutive monthly registration

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