Word 2013 Envelope Template

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Word 2013 Envelope Template – You create mail merge envelopes like letters or letters. First, click FILE and close the current document. Make sure you save it, go to FILE, click New and open a blank document. Watch this video to learn more.

You can also customize the layout of the Return Address and Shipping Address and click on the font to change the font format.

Word 2013 Envelope Template

Word 2013 Envelope Template

For example, this printer requires you to place the envelope face down and clockwise on the top and right edges of the printer tray.

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If you want to make any changes, you can click “Edit recipient list”, but we will leave the list as is.

Now we can add addresses. Click in the free shipping address field and select the paragraph that Word placed there for the address block.

Go to the HOME tab and click Show/Hide paragraph markers if you want to see where the paragraphs are placed.

First, choose an informal name format. Uncheck Insert company name. Click Never enter the country/region in an address and uncheck “Format address by destination country/region”. Click OK.

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In this case, we’ve created an envelope for a specific email, so we’ll save it in a folder with the same name and append “Envelope” to the end.

If you have never printed an envelope with the printer you are using, you can click “Current Registration” and print a test envelope first.

But there’s a lot more to learn about mail merge, such as adding rules and custom fields and working with Excel spreadsheets. One of the main functions of Microsoft Word is printing envelopes and labels. Think the basic functionality will be intuitive? It is not. One of the most frequent questions I get from longtime WordPerfect users is: “Where are the envelopes (or labels) in Word?”

Word 2013 Envelope Template

In all ribbon-based versions of Microsoft Word, you can find the Envelopes and Labels feature on the Emails tab.

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To the left of the Create command group are Envelopes and Labels. Click Envelopes to start.

You’ll notice right away that the dialog you get is envelopes and labels. Whether you clicked Envelopes or Labels on the Shipping tab, the correct tab will be selected by default in this dialog box. However, you can always click the other tab if you change your mind.

At this point, you can simply type something in the Shipping Address field, paste your return address in the field provided (if it’s not already there, what if Word saved it there), and hit the Print button. And most of the time it will work just fine.

Note: Word will include the shipping address for you if you place your cursor before the address;

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Let’s explore this Envelope tab a bit more so you can learn how to tweak the settings yourself. Click the Options button.

Since I’m in the US, the standard 10-number envelope is the default, but the dropdown provides the full list. Microsoft Word also has some built-in default settings for setting shipping and return addresses, but you can customize them, as well as the font used.

If you want to change the shipping or return address font, click Font under Shipping Address or Return Address and select the font, font, and size in that dialog box, then click OK.

Word 2013 Envelope Template

Depending on the envelope size you choose, Word will automatically calculate the appropriate location for the return and shipping addresses. If you want different settings, you can use the spinners next to the shipping address or return address to increase the settings (for US users, these settings will be in inches) or adjust horizontally (from left) and vertically (from). above) Adjustment in the left and top fields.

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Again, Microsoft Word (based on your printer driver) will set a default feed method for your envelope. In most cases, you can leave this setting alone. However, if you find that your envelopes need to be fed manually or in a different way or position into the envelope tray, you can reset it here by clicking on the image that most closely resembles your printer’s feed method and selecting Face Up. or Face Up. Down. You should consult your printer’s help files or manual to determine the best setting to use.

Hint. You can usually look at your printer’s manual feed tray to determine whether manual feed documents, such as envelopes, should be fed face up or face down, and which edge should go in first.

Returning to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, we see that we have two options for producing envelopes: Print and Add to Document. Clicking Print obviously sends the envelopes directly to the printer. If you are manually feeding your envelopes from the printer’s manual feed tray, make sure you are feeding them correctly according to the printer’s instructions.

Clicking “Add Document” places a page on top of the document, formatted as an envelope.

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One of the benefits of selecting Add to Document is that you can go back and change the envelope font or other formatting settings if needed. One drawback, however, is that you have to be careful how you print the document, especially if the envelope needs to be fed by hand and the rest of the document is not. The easiest way to simply print an envelope is to go to the File tab and select Print Custom and enter a “1” in the box below.

Or click the cursor somewhere on the envelope, go to the “File” tab and select Print Current Page;

Speaking of what works best for you, this aside brings me to my favorite method of creating envelopes. I kept a blank template formatted as an envelope with margins placing the shipping address 2.5 inches from the top and 4.0 inches from the left (for a standard #10 envelope).

Word 2013 Envelope Template

To do this, I went to the Layout tab (Page Layout in earlier versions of Word) and did a few things.

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Finally, I set the margins to 2.5″ top, 4.0″ left, and 0.5″ bottom and right.

And yes, all of these steps are possible by clicking (or double-clicking) the gray trigger arrow in the lower-right corner of the Page Setup section of the Layout tab in the Margins and Paper tabs of the Page Setup dialog. – clicking the horizontal or vertical ruler, if they are visible).

If you want to include a pre-printed return address in your envelope template, you can put that address in the header of your template. To do this, double-click on the header section of your envelope.

You’ll notice that since you set the left margin of your shipping address to 4.0″ (or whatever size you choose), your header also starts at that size. That’s obviously not what you want for your return address.

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If you want to move your return address to the top of the page, adjust the “Top of Header” setting in the “Header & Footer” tab in the “Writing” command group (visible when your cursor is in the header or footer).

To save your envelopes as a template, go to the File tab and click Save As > Browse, and in the File Explorer window, make sure you select the template format (in this case, .dotx).

Here’s a video with more information about saving templates (including your personal templates folder and saving templates there):

Word 2013 Envelope Template

Now that I have an envelope template saved, I always have an envelope template that I can start using right away. This allows me to print multiple envelopes throughout the day. All I have to do is copy and paste the addresses from the letters in progress and print them from the envelope form. Once I have the envelope(s) I need, I simply delete the address(es) and reuse the form.

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Adding to Word 365’s list of limitations, Microsoft advises that while the online version can only open a pre-formatted document as an envelope, you cannot create or print a new envelope.

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