Daily Calendar Template

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Daily Calendar Template – Create your own daily planner with our Printable Daily Planner Template for Excel. Most commercial day planners have refill pages that you can buy, and the original planner often costs a lot as well. Our daily planner template has been specially designed for regular (cheap) 3-ring binders and you can print the planner pages on standard letter size paper.

If you don’t have such a busy schedule that you need this level of detail, try our Weekly Print Planner or Monthly Print Planner instead. I’ve also created a personal planner that includes a daily version that I think is even more useful than the daily planner on this site. Try the new personal designer template!

Daily Calendar Template

Daily Calendar Template

This is a new design of a daily planner template based on a customization recommended by a frequent user.

Happy Days Planner Template Template

“Over the past few months, I’ve needed different types of ‘fillable’ planners. (daily, bi-weekly, etc.) and when I googled, your site was always the best. This was true for all types of calendars. Today I took some time to look around more and I was surprised by the templates you have there. Not only are they extensive and cover many different topics (from planners, to schedules, menus, budgets, etc.), but also extremely easy to use.” – Liba

This daily planner is a spreadsheet template that allows you to print a planner page for any day of the year. First, enter birthdays and other annual events in the Events and Holidays worksheets. When you change the date, up to 3 holidays per day and 10 event reminders per day will automatically appear.

Each sheet allows you to print two days at a time. This allows you to take advantage of your printer’s duplex mode (if it has one) to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. If you want to print more than two days at once, you can make copies of the planner sheet within the same workbook and then print multiple sheets at once (by printing the entire workbook after hiding the Events, Holidays, and © tabs). The latest version includes worksheets organized for printing 2 weeks at a time.

If you do the math on how much it costs to print your own daily planner pages versus buying pre-made planners, you might find that printing your own is NOT cheaper. In the end, someone has to pay for paper and ink.

Free, Customizable Daily Calendars

The main advantage of creating your own is the ability to customize your daily planner. For example, if you’re a student, you might want to change the “People to Call” category to the “Homework to Pay” category. Also, if you work an odd shift that keeps changing times, you might start your day at 7:00 AM or 9:00 PM.

This template is easier than your regular daily planner because you can record the month and day of your family and friends’ birthdays and when you change the date to print a new day, up to 3 events and 3 holidays will automatically appear. Holidays are shown in red below the bottom, and events (such as birthdays) are shown in the Memories section. The maximum is 3 per day because I haven’t figured out a formula to record more than 3 and I don’t want to use a VBA macro.

There are so many different types of daily planners! Different sizes, different ways to organize information, etc. Here are some useful links.

Daily Calendar Template

Calendar 2021 Calendar 2022 Original printable calendar! New Excel calendar! Digital Calendar Stickers Common Types Monthly Calendars Monthly Calendars with Holidays Annual Calendars Special Types Three Year Calendars Academic Calendars Annual Calendars Birthday Calendars Blank Calendars Budget Calendars Content Calendars Daily Calendars Daily Calendar Fiscal Year Calendars Flat Year Calendars Acts of Kindness Calendars Month Personal Planner Perpetual Calendar Planner Calendar Seasonal Calendar School Calendar Weekly Calendar Word Calendar Whether you’re juggling classes and schoolwork, managing a busy work schedule, or trying to balance family and business responsibilities, a daily calendar can help you stay organized and use your time efficiently. There are many calendar and planner options in both electronic and traditional print formats.

Daily Planner Printable Template Sheets

Each type of calendar has its advantages and disadvantages, and some may be better suited for certain uses than others. So you may need to try several options before deciding on the best option for your needs. Below are a variety of free daily calendars to help you get started. Choose from Microsoft Excel or Word, PDF or Google Docs templates. All are customizable and have a professional look and intuitive layout.

This daily calendar only shows the days of the week starting with Sunday. Use the blank label to fill in any month and date you like, along with events, holidays, and other planning items. You can also use a calendar without dates and only have a daily and weekly schedule for any month. A blank daily calendar gives you the freedom to customize the template to suit your needs.

This printable daily calendar provides a simple format for keeping track of appointments and activities. Create a simple daily calendar and to-do list that you can print on letter-size paper and add a binder to create your own planner. To save paper, print pages double-sided.

The daily planner combines a calendar with other sections for planning and organizing your time. This template includes a to-do list to help you prioritize daily activities and a notes section for important reminders. The calendar breaks each hour into 15-minute segments, so you can follow a detailed schedule throughout the day.

Daily Planner Template

A personal planner is a useful tool for organizing daily tasks – such as meal planning, errands and errands – along with setting and working towards personal goals. This printable daily calendar can be used for any date or day of the week. Print a few pages and create a handy planner with your habits and memories in one place.

If you want the Google Docs version of the weekly planner, quickly save this template to your Google Drive account, then print, use on your device, or share online. This planner displays the entire week on one page so you can manage daily issues and get a weekly overview. This template has five weeks displayed on separate pages.

This monthly planner displays each month in a table format with the weeks and dates listed on the left side of the template. The horizontal layout makes it easy to keep track of several weeks. Each month of the year is listed on a separate page so you can create comprehensive weekly, monthly and yearly plans.

Daily Calendar Template

This printable PDF daily planner includes a to-do list and hourly schedule. The template is designed to be simple and easy to use, and you can use it for a wide range of tasks, from office management to household chores. If you want to change the layout or add new sections to your personal day planner, you can customize the layout.

Free Daily Schedule Templates (excel & Word)

This daily schedule template allows you to set a start date, start time for each day, and time. You get a daily schedule, a notes section and a weekly overview. Create a comprehensive plan for your work day, set goals for the week and improve your work performance by prioritizing important tasks.

Design a daily shift schedule for multiple employees with start and end times for each shift, work center or department for each employee, and total hours worked. This template gives you a daily and weekly view so you can quickly get a snapshot of your schedule for the week. The employer can also use this calendar to track attendance or schedule vacation.

Create a simple daily calendar with hourly segments that can be broken down into shorter chunks. This makes it easy to organize longer projects into manageable chunks or organize short tasks like a meeting or phone call. The schedule can be used to plan work, home or school activities.

Manage your daily meetings with this agenda template for Microsoft Word. Track attendees, schedule and assign agenda items, and use the comments section to give instructions or take notes about the meeting. You can also record the date, time and location of the meeting for future reference.

Free Printable Daily Planner 2022

With this daily log template, you can plan or create a record of completed tasks, which can be useful for tracking project issues, preparing for an event, or recording activities at a training or seminar. It can also be a simple schedule of appointments, meetings, errands and work duties. There is also space for additional daily notes.

Prioritize tasks and create a timeline with this detailed to-do list template. You can categorize tasks, track the status of each task, and set due dates. This daily to-do list is perfect for personal planning or shared work projects. Plan, organize and execute project activities while communicating effectively with team members.

This daily checklist template includes

Daily Calendar Template

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